Sunday, 25 December 2016


The snow has a unique way of crystallising every single thing including my thoughts,that am almost forgetting my status.The horse riding,ice skating,cup cakes and hot coffee undoubtedly couldn't work all the magic so I decided to go in search of my Christmas prince,,,,,,,had a quick pause pondering where my first port of call should be.Hmmmm,I flipped through my travel passport leaflet to be certain how many destinations I can access. I was impressed at my options and off I set to go,,,my prince will indeed be found. Touching down on each city gave me a warm feeling that my Christmas prince is around the corner,yet at the end of each city tour I end up with the down-feeling that that I might never find my prince,but the moment I set on my next destination, this honey reassurance comes upon me again and I beam with smiles.Before a time check I had toured the all the continents of the world,yet my prince wasn't in sight,maybe he had taken a trip out of this planet I thought and I was determined to search on,just about to take my first trip out of this planet a sweet tiny voice whispered to me,"Unpack your excess luggage for the prince doesn't need them,so I dropped my very weighty luggage that was made up of,anger,resentment, pain,strife,anguish,bitterness, envy,selfishness,greed,list and the likes and took along with me just a heart full of love and walked miles unending. The stars were my light in the dark and the sun during the day fought hard against the winter snow,and with much love I kept searching. Against my dream of finding my prince in a castle with roses and petals,servants and music and all good pleasures life has got to offer---i was drenched in shock when I saw my prince,so innocent and pure,bright as the morning sun,and more crystal than diamond.All I had to offer him was my heart full of love.My prince was laying in a manger. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
N/B Christmas is what you make of it
Loneliness is only a thing of the mind
Find peace this Christmas.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


What if I were to tell you that there is a power within you that can revolutionize your life.A power that is invisible,intangible,but completely real.A power that can transform you so dramatically that under its influence and guidance you cab become an entirely new person,stronger, more confident,better balanced,more energetic,more resilient,more capable of coping with the ever increasing complexity of modern living.Suppose I added that this remarkable force could lift you from failure to success,sickness to health,from self doubt to self assurance. And then,if I assured you further that it could help you find congenial friends,solve problems,break out of stale habits,fairly explode into a world totally different from the world you have known before,a world of enthusiasm and exhilaration and understanding and joy........What would your reaction be??????

Friday, 23 December 2016


All he want to do is make a special person happy,everyone wants to exchange gifts and spend quality time with that special someone at Christmas,so he decided to embark on a shopping tour just for that special one,he went along with cash and credit cards so there be no reason not to pick the best the store has to offer,with excitement in heart and beaming smiles on his face that almost bursted into laughter he picked all the best things the store had.Some friends called him crazy while a handful concluded that special someone is way very lucky to win his heart this much. In the midst of all this,one shocking thought struck his heart like a thunder bolt I AM SINGLE,he battled with it,shoving his shoulders as if to fall off the burden,blinked his eyes hundreds of times just to be sure he wasn't day dreaming,shaking his head endlessly hoping the thoughts fades away.Just before another blink,the items fell helplessly on the ground,this brought him to consciousness. The reality was a bitter pill to swallow,he was always surrounded with much love and attention,but here he was all alone in the midst of beautiful ornaments and trees yet felt out of place.All his great expectations of decorating a tree,moon walk,hugs,laughter,dinners and many more at Christmas was seeming impossible. The silence in his heart made it possible for him to hear the clock ticking and the sound of the waves from the ocean afar.This for him is gone past wishes,,,,this is him riding on the wings of christmas.
Do you think he will still be single at Christmas? Let's find out.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Let me share with you the practical dairy of a church girl.She effortlessly earns for herself the prefix/suffix written on a big placard.The church girl is physically commited to the things of the church,she in no doubt has first class information about all happenings in the church.She is very present at every event no matter how inconvenient it might be at a time.She plays the role of a chorister,an usher,a prayer band warrior,a technician,an active meet and greet member,functions in the sanctuary unit,excellent practice of Sunday school, Bible study and every other unit of the church,and every single individual tends to know her by name and face.Now,that is the dairy of a church girl.Let's look at the church girl in practical terms.She is one who is not in church because she has a well-grounded foundation in christiandom,she doesn't practically have lots of childhood friends that all still remained in the church,her folks obviously were not and still not to be ministers in the kingdom,no one practically enjoins her to participate in church activities,she directly or indirectly has no human to please in that regard.she is one damsel that has seen it all in life either by personal,collective,or learnt experience of life.she is a girl that has been surrounded by the worst people with hideous addiction,people who can't really be placed on any religion,some of which has never been involved in a religious practice their whole life,she is a girl who has been thrown so many enticing options in life to get all her grind with a snap of her finger out of the context of God and yet shoved the opportunities to the gutters without looking back.She is that girl that has always lived with her choices and consequences, that girl that has fought secret battles that she didn't even know existed,that girl that has grown in the context of never trying to impress anyone,she is that girl that chooses to serve God even when the odds are against her.She is that girl that belongs to no-one but instead found her voice in the noisy quietness of life.She is that girl that is not just focused on winning but on finishing.SHe is that one lady who has singlehandedly defeated the demons people around her once enjoyed playing with.With a heart larger than life itself,she is that one girl that chooses to be in church when she had other spicy and effortless options to be in the world.That girl who has broken bounds,cut chains,let go,willing,strong and determined with a resilient focus on the creator of the universe.That girl that put her guards down and forsook her idols,that girl who in the ash still sees through the cloud,whom when asked what her best color is,she will simply answer the rainbow,not because she has a weak strength of choice but because she is not letting herself stopped by the colour blindness of the world.I once met a church girl and am still inspired by her.Its my prayer you meet one someday.I mean a CHURCH GIRL in practical terms.FIND HER!!!!!

Monday, 19 December 2016


No,,,,,,, I didn't give up,I didn't pack up,I just lost motivation and got drained off inspiration, my zeal couldn't seal the deal,I felt I was a no-good.Inspite the inherent strength of purpose,despite the faith and hope,the sky was seeming farther by the day and the earth was growing tired of my constant pounding on it,because I was relentless on leaving my footprint upon the sands of time.At most times I can feel my heart rush and the beats speaks in languages I can barely comprehend.The world seems like its crumbling down before me and the bright future I envisage begins to seem almost impossible.The hope and joy I feel only existed in my imagination,as reality hits hard on me, it doesn't just raise doubt but it questions my very existence.A friend once called me a person made of steel and I smiled ,little did she know that I was melting off like wax in the reality in my closet.Am brave as a lion, calm as a dove,intelligent like a icon,and unique as an angel,but all these qualities and more couldn't get me one break.Crying couldn't take away the pains because I drown in my tears all night.Picking up new hobbies only reminded me of failing again so I rather not.And no,,,,,,,,,,do not question my faith in the ruler of the universe because I speak to him more often than not,probably if he had considered my applications I will be writing on a different topic right now. Maybe faith is not just enough,as much as am ready to give it all to have all,I only wish this present cup I carry pass me by,,,,,my strength is failing,my smile is fading,and my glow is almost dimmed in the confinement of my mind.This is not a fear-on desire but an inherent longing for an undivided satisfaction devoid of uncertainties.
And here I am,,having all and more,,,giving up was only but a mind trick cut out to medle with my reality.I only let it played its pranks because I wasn't aware it existed,,,now I know,,,shouldn't have let it stole a slight second of my life,,,,the joy,the fulfilment,the peace the love and more I thought were lost were all bottled up right inside of me,all I had to do to unleash them was to look within.
I hope we take a pause for a little while and take a deep look within,you will be amazed at what you will see.

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Patience stands alone,she often seems to desert us completely,leaving us ravaged by restlessness and dissatisfaction that gnaw at our very souls.Once having tasted of the union that now is an hourly quest of everything we are and do,we cannot tolerate the unspeakable impotence and solitude that we experience without it. We literally demand that it be with us every minute, and the blockage afforded by the exertion of our will isolates us from it,and we are enraged,bitter,desolate,that we cannot find that which has become so dear.Creativeness is gone,inner joy and peace have fled,and our impatience keeps them from returning.OH,impatience is a common thing among those who experience the spiritual act of creation,nearly all mental and spiritual activity transpires beneath the level of consciousness,and when we are not moved to perform,to act,to plan,to make decisions,we feel that nothing is being done.Something always is being done.The nature of our existence is that we are spiritual beings and our  physical bodies is but a small representation of what we really are.Like the iceberg,far more of ourselves is hidden from view that is exposed to the world.And what transpires in this hidden part of our nature is the real work,the meaningful action upon which all the circumstances and things of our life depends.When we expect everything to happen in the area of our consciousnesses,we cannot help but be impatient, for what is absent from the consciousness appears not to exist, and so we fail to perceive the intense action that is the mark of spiritual perception.It is then that we are most truly active,when we have thoroughly learned this remarkable lesson,impatience will trouble us no longer.We may have a flash of insight,even a look into the original bloom,and for the moment we are caught up,impelled by a power beyond us to get this thing we have seen to manifest it in the physical world.Then,perhaps when we are half-through or even barely started,the inspiration deserts us,and we are abandoned on a bleak and lonely vista without resources,without energy,without the vision to proceed.We stamp our feet and shake our fists at the heavens,but no amount of vituperation returns us to our inspired state.We can only resign ourselves to this state of apparent inactivity,accept it as evidence that something vital is happening in deeper regions of our being.For one of the laws of our divided nature is that when the surface is active it is quiet on the depths,and when the surface is quite the depths are active.Knowing this we are able to accept the cycles of work and rest that are our lot in life, using each for its true and best purpose,discontent with neither,discovering the inherent joys of each.And eventually we come to realize that our greatest satisfaction lies in that time of quietness,that point of rest on the spiritual journey where nothing is apparently being done but wherein we find a spiritual closeness,a tie with the divine that seems directly from our complete reliance on him to move is when and as he will.Patience is not some distant virtue,its inherent in is all and can only be accessed if we dim it fit for all course in time.

Monday, 12 December 2016


With great love from my heart,every single write up on this blog is dedicated to everyone and no one in particular. They are as a matter of concern written out of inspiration to affect atleast one soul positively.Readers views,opinions and comments will be highly acknowledged. If at any point a part or the whole of a publication is needed for use,it just shouldn't be plagiarized cause I trust our civil respect for each others worth.If at a point a work/thought of anyone is posted up here such work will be given proper citation and reference for we are committed in sharing our voice and yours.

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