Friday, 23 December 2016


All he want to do is make a special person happy,everyone wants to exchange gifts and spend quality time with that special someone at Christmas,so he decided to embark on a shopping tour just for that special one,he went along with cash and credit cards so there be no reason not to pick the best the store has to offer,with excitement in heart and beaming smiles on his face that almost bursted into laughter he picked all the best things the store had.Some friends called him crazy while a handful concluded that special someone is way very lucky to win his heart this much. In the midst of all this,one shocking thought struck his heart like a thunder bolt I AM SINGLE,he battled with it,shoving his shoulders as if to fall off the burden,blinked his eyes hundreds of times just to be sure he wasn't day dreaming,shaking his head endlessly hoping the thoughts fades away.Just before another blink,the items fell helplessly on the ground,this brought him to consciousness. The reality was a bitter pill to swallow,he was always surrounded with much love and attention,but here he was all alone in the midst of beautiful ornaments and trees yet felt out of place.All his great expectations of decorating a tree,moon walk,hugs,laughter,dinners and many more at Christmas was seeming impossible. The silence in his heart made it possible for him to hear the clock ticking and the sound of the waves from the ocean afar.This for him is gone past wishes,,,,this is him riding on the wings of christmas.
Do you think he will still be single at Christmas? Let's find out.

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