Sunday, 25 December 2016


The snow has a unique way of crystallising every single thing including my thoughts,that am almost forgetting my status.The horse riding,ice skating,cup cakes and hot coffee undoubtedly couldn't work all the magic so I decided to go in search of my Christmas prince,,,,,,,had a quick pause pondering where my first port of call should be.Hmmmm,I flipped through my travel passport leaflet to be certain how many destinations I can access. I was impressed at my options and off I set to go,,,my prince will indeed be found. Touching down on each city gave me a warm feeling that my Christmas prince is around the corner,yet at the end of each city tour I end up with the down-feeling that that I might never find my prince,but the moment I set on my next destination, this honey reassurance comes upon me again and I beam with smiles.Before a time check I had toured the all the continents of the world,yet my prince wasn't in sight,maybe he had taken a trip out of this planet I thought and I was determined to search on,just about to take my first trip out of this planet a sweet tiny voice whispered to me,"Unpack your excess luggage for the prince doesn't need them,so I dropped my very weighty luggage that was made up of,anger,resentment, pain,strife,anguish,bitterness, envy,selfishness,greed,list and the likes and took along with me just a heart full of love and walked miles unending. The stars were my light in the dark and the sun during the day fought hard against the winter snow,and with much love I kept searching. Against my dream of finding my prince in a castle with roses and petals,servants and music and all good pleasures life has got to offer---i was drenched in shock when I saw my prince,so innocent and pure,bright as the morning sun,and more crystal than diamond.All I had to offer him was my heart full of love.My prince was laying in a manger. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
N/B Christmas is what you make of it
Loneliness is only a thing of the mind
Find peace this Christmas.