Monday, 19 December 2016


No,,,,,,, I didn't give up,I didn't pack up,I just lost motivation and got drained off inspiration, my zeal couldn't seal the deal,I felt I was a no-good.Inspite the inherent strength of purpose,despite the faith and hope,the sky was seeming farther by the day and the earth was growing tired of my constant pounding on it,because I was relentless on leaving my footprint upon the sands of time.At most times I can feel my heart rush and the beats speaks in languages I can barely comprehend.The world seems like its crumbling down before me and the bright future I envisage begins to seem almost impossible.The hope and joy I feel only existed in my imagination,as reality hits hard on me, it doesn't just raise doubt but it questions my very existence.A friend once called me a person made of steel and I smiled ,little did she know that I was melting off like wax in the reality in my closet.Am brave as a lion, calm as a dove,intelligent like a icon,and unique as an angel,but all these qualities and more couldn't get me one break.Crying couldn't take away the pains because I drown in my tears all night.Picking up new hobbies only reminded me of failing again so I rather not.And no,,,,,,,,,,do not question my faith in the ruler of the universe because I speak to him more often than not,probably if he had considered my applications I will be writing on a different topic right now. Maybe faith is not just enough,as much as am ready to give it all to have all,I only wish this present cup I carry pass me by,,,,,my strength is failing,my smile is fading,and my glow is almost dimmed in the confinement of my mind.This is not a fear-on desire but an inherent longing for an undivided satisfaction devoid of uncertainties.
And here I am,,having all and more,,,giving up was only but a mind trick cut out to medle with my reality.I only let it played its pranks because I wasn't aware it existed,,,now I know,,,shouldn't have let it stole a slight second of my life,,,,the joy,the fulfilment,the peace the love and more I thought were lost were all bottled up right inside of me,all I had to do to unleash them was to look within.
I hope we take a pause for a little while and take a deep look within,you will be amazed at what you will see.

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