Sunday, 18 December 2016


Patience stands alone,she often seems to desert us completely,leaving us ravaged by restlessness and dissatisfaction that gnaw at our very souls.Once having tasted of the union that now is an hourly quest of everything we are and do,we cannot tolerate the unspeakable impotence and solitude that we experience without it. We literally demand that it be with us every minute, and the blockage afforded by the exertion of our will isolates us from it,and we are enraged,bitter,desolate,that we cannot find that which has become so dear.Creativeness is gone,inner joy and peace have fled,and our impatience keeps them from returning.OH,impatience is a common thing among those who experience the spiritual act of creation,nearly all mental and spiritual activity transpires beneath the level of consciousness,and when we are not moved to perform,to act,to plan,to make decisions,we feel that nothing is being done.Something always is being done.The nature of our existence is that we are spiritual beings and our  physical bodies is but a small representation of what we really are.Like the iceberg,far more of ourselves is hidden from view that is exposed to the world.And what transpires in this hidden part of our nature is the real work,the meaningful action upon which all the circumstances and things of our life depends.When we expect everything to happen in the area of our consciousnesses,we cannot help but be impatient, for what is absent from the consciousness appears not to exist, and so we fail to perceive the intense action that is the mark of spiritual perception.It is then that we are most truly active,when we have thoroughly learned this remarkable lesson,impatience will trouble us no longer.We may have a flash of insight,even a look into the original bloom,and for the moment we are caught up,impelled by a power beyond us to get this thing we have seen to manifest it in the physical world.Then,perhaps when we are half-through or even barely started,the inspiration deserts us,and we are abandoned on a bleak and lonely vista without resources,without energy,without the vision to proceed.We stamp our feet and shake our fists at the heavens,but no amount of vituperation returns us to our inspired state.We can only resign ourselves to this state of apparent inactivity,accept it as evidence that something vital is happening in deeper regions of our being.For one of the laws of our divided nature is that when the surface is active it is quiet on the depths,and when the surface is quite the depths are active.Knowing this we are able to accept the cycles of work and rest that are our lot in life, using each for its true and best purpose,discontent with neither,discovering the inherent joys of each.And eventually we come to realize that our greatest satisfaction lies in that time of quietness,that point of rest on the spiritual journey where nothing is apparently being done but wherein we find a spiritual closeness,a tie with the divine that seems directly from our complete reliance on him to move is when and as he will.Patience is not some distant virtue,its inherent in is all and can only be accessed if we dim it fit for all course in time.

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