Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Let me share with you the practical dairy of a church girl.She effortlessly earns for herself the prefix/suffix written on a big placard.The church girl is physically commited to the things of the church,she in no doubt has first class information about all happenings in the church.She is very present at every event no matter how inconvenient it might be at a time.She plays the role of a chorister,an usher,a prayer band warrior,a technician,an active meet and greet member,functions in the sanctuary unit,excellent practice of Sunday school, Bible study and every other unit of the church,and every single individual tends to know her by name and face.Now,that is the dairy of a church girl.Let's look at the church girl in practical terms.She is one who is not in church because she has a well-grounded foundation in christiandom,she doesn't practically have lots of childhood friends that all still remained in the church,her folks obviously were not and still not to be ministers in the kingdom,no one practically enjoins her to participate in church activities,she directly or indirectly has no human to please in that regard.she is one damsel that has seen it all in life either by personal,collective,or learnt experience of life.she is a girl that has been surrounded by the worst people with hideous addiction,people who can't really be placed on any religion,some of which has never been involved in a religious practice their whole life,she is a girl who has been thrown so many enticing options in life to get all her grind with a snap of her finger out of the context of God and yet shoved the opportunities to the gutters without looking back.She is that girl that has always lived with her choices and consequences, that girl that has fought secret battles that she didn't even know existed,that girl that has grown in the context of never trying to impress anyone,she is that girl that chooses to serve God even when the odds are against her.She is that girl that belongs to no-one but instead found her voice in the noisy quietness of life.She is that girl that is not just focused on winning but on finishing.SHe is that one lady who has singlehandedly defeated the demons people around her once enjoyed playing with.With a heart larger than life itself,she is that one girl that chooses to be in church when she had other spicy and effortless options to be in the world.That girl who has broken bounds,cut chains,let go,willing,strong and determined with a resilient focus on the creator of the universe.That girl that put her guards down and forsook her idols,that girl who in the ash still sees through the cloud,whom when asked what her best color is,she will simply answer the rainbow,not because she has a weak strength of choice but because she is not letting herself stopped by the colour blindness of the world.I once met a church girl and am still inspired by her.Its my prayer you meet one someday.I mean a CHURCH GIRL in practical terms.FIND HER!!!!!


  1. I hope to meet a Church Girl someday too coz I want to be a more than just a Church Boy and also make her to be more than just a Church Girl too... With firm rooting in the saving Grace of Christ who Justifies, so that when it's all said and done, our services will not be lost but we'll gain crowns of Glory as we inherit the Kingdom. For 'by faith are we saved not by works lest anyman should boast'.
    God bless all the Church Girls and Church Boys!

    1. A practical church girl you suppose,you will find her and when you do compliment her and guard her through it all.you both needs yourselves.#smiles

  2. It sounds like this church girl has a great zeal for the things of God.

  3. It sounds like this church girl has a great zeal for the things of God.

  4. This church girl just has a strong will of choice and has made it.#Findher