Sunday, 29 January 2017


Hey sisters! Let's get in here and spill it in black and white.We get up social media for different sick reasons,at the end of the day we wash our dirty linens outside by a portioning blames and shifting grounds. We are up on all social media with no positive agenda behind our sleeves. We aim at creating traffic on our timeline like we need all the likes and comments to validate us. We make our self esteem to be determined by the so-called impressing comments we get. We stumble on a dude whose profile and post is so captivating that we begin to fantasize about him,concluding him as our dream man. hey wake up!!! We end up building our world around his and unconsciously our posts becomes one that catches his fancy because it was all planned out by us. Reality checks in now and we see ourselves for what we truly are,,,we whine and blame it on social media,,Now we need a borrowed brain.we get so fake that we can't post a particular picture on the media but we can send it to a dude claiming we not a social media  person and too decent to post such. How comfortable we become when our daily routine can be tracked down by anyone,a slay queen,like our followers hitting the like button increases our Worth.Dear women, we celebrate ourselves a lot but the big question is, will the next generation have a reason to celebrate you as an icon???.we are daily on the media to keep up with fashion trends and make up tips,judging and criticizing others like its the next best thing.We turn ourselves into our personal paparazzi just to feed the media,,,,oohhh what a waste of time.Making posts only in exquisite places like we have never been to the slum,how frosh!!!! Why don't we make a little bend to our motives and use the media for what its worth, So much pretence up here,fake identify everywhere. Will the woman you are on social media recognize the real woman you are if there met in the dark? Let's get a background check on that. It saddens my heart to see the widespread of this shameful act. It breaks me to pieces when I realise the real women is on the decline phase.Our born and unborn kids deserves better. If we spend half the time we use in keeping up with the kardashians in developmental works and positive voluntary practices,the world will have a reason to keep up with us for good. Our moral value is on the decrease and ethical norms is gradually fading out because we are pron to picking up moral decandencedent traits and inculcate them right in our DNA. We speak to and about men in savage terms like they owe us a thing. We raise very unhealthy competition amongst ourselves like our future is dependent on the worth of others.   The world awaits our shine,if we must do that through social media that happens to be the largest network,then let's gets it right.Put on our thinking caps and take a sit in the table of life where real women get entangled in life transforming conversation. See you in.

Thursday, 26 January 2017


Dear men,I am writing to you today because there is no day intentionally set aside for the boy child. So tired of looking on in horror as you constantly shock and embarrass me. I'm shocked at how many of you carry yourselves here on social media. I am shocked at the things you LOL at. I am worried at the way you speak to and about women. I am frightened at the kinds of things that inspires and motivates you. I am concerned that that the women who get your attention are not the virtuous brilliant types but the frivolous party,skimpily clad ones. I am disappointed to see that the pictures you fall over yourselves double tapping are not the inspirational quotes or of clean,beautiful modest women but of women with their breast,thighs and bottoms spilling over. I cringe at how many of you blatantly use swear and curse words at women like it makes you cool. I am distraught to see that many of you insinuate that a man who loves and stays with one woman is a whimp,that a man who publicly displays and speaks about his love for his woman is a "Jew man" that a man who is more interested in deeply spiritual and intellectual pursuits should be shamed. I am deeply worried my dear men,being uncouth, indecent,unintelligent is not cool and contrary to what you think,the man who stays on social media looking for naked ladies to validate,smart people to shame,brilliant people to tear down,celebrities to attack are not men but little boys battling low self esteem issues. Well that will be a  topic for another day.A real man loves God and is not ashamed to show it. He loves and respects women,he does not ask for nudes and if any misguided woman sends him her nudes respectfully deletes it and not use it as a blackmailing tool or a gratification medium. A real man reads,yes,he reads a lot. He picks his mentor wisely,thinks before he speaks and reads his comments over and over before he hits send. Dear men,do not let the anonymity of social media makes you a fool rather use it to shine and be kind, reasonable and sensible at all times because that is the man the world desire to see you be. Fathers of generation unborn. Not all men are out having sex,belittling and degrading women.some men are practicing purity and being the men God is calling them to be.
Your friend and sister

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Trying to lay hold of my exact feelings at the moment,could it be rage,anger,resentment, hurt or pain.At this point there are all so mixed up and I can't seem to get them apart.It was a cool evening and I sat out in the courtyard watching my little angels run around with much joy in their spirit,their innocence pierced my heart and I bled profusely,as I held them close when they ran down to me all I felt was their soft heart beat.I could see their heart beating through their chest and reaching out for a hug.I held them so tight never wanting to let them go because as it stands they were my world and peace.He drove in recklessly into the parking lot,oh-oh-oh he is heading towards us,but before the kids had a chance for a proper daddy welcome I heard a bang,it was loud,very loud,hard and resounding ,blood spilling on the ground,eyes spinning yet the pounce didn't stop dropping.I couldn't feel my bones and my pulse was almost at a pause.Here comes the name calling,names I wouldn't wish an enemy be called.My little angels screamed "Daddy stop you're hurting mummy" their plea fell on deaf ears as the man I walked down the aisle with was currently serving me a death sentence without mercy.The last I saw was my little angels holding tight to his legs with their fragile hands in a bid to stop him,my soul reached out to them but my entire body was static.Its dark and thick black and I went blank.Is that a siren i hear from afar? Its an ambulance,did I just hear "EMERGENCY,HELP HELP HELP ? am not sure no more,I can't see myself, I need to find me.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Sometimes the strongest people are the weakest,true,but not holding for the woman of steel,she is the woman that has learnt over time to turn her thorns to crowns and wear them gratefully. I once ran into one,let me share her type with you.She builds her dreams with pride even after series of nightmares,she lives her truth,express her love,share her enthusiasm,and walk her talk.she is never lost in the crowd yet keep her distance from the crowd,she imprison her past and design her future,she once said to me "it takes courage to open yourself to the forces of nature,to allow the gigantic tides of universal mind to roll and echo through your being,only then have you succeeded to hitch your wagon to a star,a shooting star,a speeding comet that by its very momentum will plunge you ever deeper into life so that vistas of pain and pleasure of subtle meaning panaromas of infinite design and feeling will open before you,and you will become alive,truly alive,where before you barely existed". This came from a true woman of steel,she looks straight in my eyes and says." The pain of childbirth is the very reason I want to have more kids,the stress affiliated with studying is my propelling desire to have more degrees.She strives to do things people once told her was impossible to achieve,she has the inherent strength of purpose to constantly set the pace,she knows the value of her time and as thus set the clock in her own pace. she reverence no one but God at all times,she won't let anyone reign on her parade as she respects the boundaries of others.A lot of people try to understand her in thorough,others try to define her,while some goes along to tell her story,but all of these ventures are mostly futile,because she puts back pieces of herself on daily basis therefore portraying different beautiful sides so enlarging the pause button.Her various phases are filled with captivating stages,and her life adventure are nothing short of a truck load of motivating experience .I was thrilled to getting know her.Her words still lingers on.She sure has the future in her hands, and the world awaits her.Lets celebrate all the women of steel we know.


Friday, 13 January 2017

Kissing your demons. Part A

How well we do this all the time, why complain about the same stale thing over and over again, acting all up like we are seriously working  about it, while in the depths of our hearts we we build up a castle for it and adorn it with priceless jewels.

A well entertained guest might loss track of time and over stay his welcome, if eventually he leaves he has got numerous reasons to come back when the door is left open, and this is applicable to our demons.

You want to banish the demons you once dinned with,yet the only place you can't resist being in, is your meeting point with the demons. We claim to want to walk a new path  yet our maps cut across the same old path.

  We consciously tend to fight these demons but unconsciously fondle with them. Howbeit we want a thing yet our hands are full of same things we claim no longer serve a good purpose.

A scientific law proved the attraction and repel of like and unlike poles,and this claim is true in all facets of our lives. Ignore the acts that counts as loss and embrace only those that brings gain. We are too soft to let them go and not strong enough to do without them.

Here is it, it's quite easy, slowly ignore them and you will outgrow them,kiss yourself everyday so you don't have to kiss your demons no more.
You are not alone in this, give me your hands let's walk this walk together.

MODEL= Mercina