Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Trying to lay hold of my exact feelings at the moment,could it be rage,anger,resentment, hurt or pain.At this point there are all so mixed up and I can't seem to get them apart.It was a cool evening and I sat out in the courtyard watching my little angels run around with much joy in their spirit,their innocence pierced my heart and I bled profusely,as I held them close when they ran down to me all I felt was their soft heart beat.I could see their heart beating through their chest and reaching out for a hug.I held them so tight never wanting to let them go because as it stands they were my world and peace.He drove in recklessly into the parking lot,oh-oh-oh he is heading towards us,but before the kids had a chance for a proper daddy welcome I heard a bang,it was loud,very loud,hard and resounding ,blood spilling on the ground,eyes spinning yet the pounce didn't stop dropping.I couldn't feel my bones and my pulse was almost at a pause.Here comes the name calling,names I wouldn't wish an enemy be called.My little angels screamed "Daddy stop you're hurting mummy" their plea fell on deaf ears as the man I walked down the aisle with was currently serving me a death sentence without mercy.The last I saw was my little angels holding tight to his legs with their fragile hands in a bid to stop him,my soul reached out to them but my entire body was static.Its dark and thick black and I went blank.Is that a siren i hear from afar? Its an ambulance,did I just hear "EMERGENCY,HELP HELP HELP ? am not sure no more,I can't see myself, I need to find me.


  1. Well put together. It's only a lazy and unreasonable man solves all problems with his fist. The power of the mind is stronger than that of the fist.

  2. Well iced friend.The mind power is what we often neglect and as such it goes dormant then we resort to using our fist.