Friday, 13 January 2017

Kissing your demons. Part A

How well we do this all the time, why complain about the same stale thing over and over again, acting all up like we are seriously working  about it, while in the depths of our hearts we we build up a castle for it and adorn it with priceless jewels.

A well entertained guest might loss track of time and over stay his welcome, if eventually he leaves he has got numerous reasons to come back when the door is left open, and this is applicable to our demons.

You want to banish the demons you once dinned with,yet the only place you can't resist being in, is your meeting point with the demons. We claim to want to walk a new path  yet our maps cut across the same old path.

  We consciously tend to fight these demons but unconsciously fondle with them. Howbeit we want a thing yet our hands are full of same things we claim no longer serve a good purpose.

A scientific law proved the attraction and repel of like and unlike poles,and this claim is true in all facets of our lives. Ignore the acts that counts as loss and embrace only those that brings gain. We are too soft to let them go and not strong enough to do without them.

Here is it, it's quite easy, slowly ignore them and you will outgrow them,kiss yourself everyday so you don't have to kiss your demons no more.
You are not alone in this, give me your hands let's walk this walk together.

MODEL= Mercina

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