Thursday, 26 January 2017


Dear men,I am writing to you today because there is no day intentionally set aside for the boy child. So tired of looking on in horror as you constantly shock and embarrass me. I'm shocked at how many of you carry yourselves here on social media. I am shocked at the things you LOL at. I am worried at the way you speak to and about women. I am frightened at the kinds of things that inspires and motivates you. I am concerned that that the women who get your attention are not the virtuous brilliant types but the frivolous party,skimpily clad ones. I am disappointed to see that the pictures you fall over yourselves double tapping are not the inspirational quotes or of clean,beautiful modest women but of women with their breast,thighs and bottoms spilling over. I cringe at how many of you blatantly use swear and curse words at women like it makes you cool. I am distraught to see that many of you insinuate that a man who loves and stays with one woman is a whimp,that a man who publicly displays and speaks about his love for his woman is a "Jew man" that a man who is more interested in deeply spiritual and intellectual pursuits should be shamed. I am deeply worried my dear men,being uncouth, indecent,unintelligent is not cool and contrary to what you think,the man who stays on social media looking for naked ladies to validate,smart people to shame,brilliant people to tear down,celebrities to attack are not men but little boys battling low self esteem issues. Well that will be a  topic for another day.A real man loves God and is not ashamed to show it. He loves and respects women,he does not ask for nudes and if any misguided woman sends him her nudes respectfully deletes it and not use it as a blackmailing tool or a gratification medium. A real man reads,yes,he reads a lot. He picks his mentor wisely,thinks before he speaks and reads his comments over and over before he hits send. Dear men,do not let the anonymity of social media makes you a fool rather use it to shine and be kind, reasonable and sensible at all times because that is the man the world desire to see you be. Fathers of generation unborn. Not all men are out having sex,belittling and degrading women.some men are practicing purity and being the men God is calling them to be.
Your friend and sister

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