Saturday, 21 January 2017


Sometimes the strongest people are the weakest,true,but not holding for the woman of steel,she is the woman that has learnt over time to turn her thorns to crowns and wear them gratefully. I once ran into one,let me share her type with you.She builds her dreams with pride even after series of nightmares,she lives her truth,express her love,share her enthusiasm,and walk her talk.she is never lost in the crowd yet keep her distance from the crowd,she imprison her past and design her future,she once said to me "it takes courage to open yourself to the forces of nature,to allow the gigantic tides of universal mind to roll and echo through your being,only then have you succeeded to hitch your wagon to a star,a shooting star,a speeding comet that by its very momentum will plunge you ever deeper into life so that vistas of pain and pleasure of subtle meaning panaromas of infinite design and feeling will open before you,and you will become alive,truly alive,where before you barely existed". This came from a true woman of steel,she looks straight in my eyes and says." The pain of childbirth is the very reason I want to have more kids,the stress affiliated with studying is my propelling desire to have more degrees.She strives to do things people once told her was impossible to achieve,she has the inherent strength of purpose to constantly set the pace,she knows the value of her time and as thus set the clock in her own pace. she reverence no one but God at all times,she won't let anyone reign on her parade as she respects the boundaries of others.A lot of people try to understand her in thorough,others try to define her,while some goes along to tell her story,but all of these ventures are mostly futile,because she puts back pieces of herself on daily basis therefore portraying different beautiful sides so enlarging the pause button.Her various phases are filled with captivating stages,and her life adventure are nothing short of a truck load of motivating experience .I was thrilled to getting know her.Her words still lingers on.She sure has the future in her hands, and the world awaits her.Lets celebrate all the women of steel we know.


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