Sunday, 29 January 2017


Hey sisters! Let's get in here and spill it in black and white.We get up social media for different sick reasons,at the end of the day we wash our dirty linens outside by a portioning blames and shifting grounds. We are up on all social media with no positive agenda behind our sleeves. We aim at creating traffic on our timeline like we need all the likes and comments to validate us. We make our self esteem to be determined by the so-called impressing comments we get. We stumble on a dude whose profile and post is so captivating that we begin to fantasize about him,concluding him as our dream man. hey wake up!!! We end up building our world around his and unconsciously our posts becomes one that catches his fancy because it was all planned out by us. Reality checks in now and we see ourselves for what we truly are,,,we whine and blame it on social media,,Now we need a borrowed brain.we get so fake that we can't post a particular picture on the media but we can send it to a dude claiming we not a social media  person and too decent to post such. How comfortable we become when our daily routine can be tracked down by anyone,a slay queen,like our followers hitting the like button increases our Worth.Dear women, we celebrate ourselves a lot but the big question is, will the next generation have a reason to celebrate you as an icon???.we are daily on the media to keep up with fashion trends and make up tips,judging and criticizing others like its the next best thing.We turn ourselves into our personal paparazzi just to feed the media,,,,oohhh what a waste of time.Making posts only in exquisite places like we have never been to the slum,how frosh!!!! Why don't we make a little bend to our motives and use the media for what its worth, So much pretence up here,fake identify everywhere. Will the woman you are on social media recognize the real woman you are if there met in the dark? Let's get a background check on that. It saddens my heart to see the widespread of this shameful act. It breaks me to pieces when I realise the real women is on the decline phase.Our born and unborn kids deserves better. If we spend half the time we use in keeping up with the kardashians in developmental works and positive voluntary practices,the world will have a reason to keep up with us for good. Our moral value is on the decrease and ethical norms is gradually fading out because we are pron to picking up moral decandencedent traits and inculcate them right in our DNA. We speak to and about men in savage terms like they owe us a thing. We raise very unhealthy competition amongst ourselves like our future is dependent on the worth of others.   The world awaits our shine,if we must do that through social media that happens to be the largest network,then let's gets it right.Put on our thinking caps and take a sit in the table of life where real women get entangled in life transforming conversation. See you in.


  1. Reading this made me ache for the women who lost their self worth due to trust, inferiority issues and insecure lives. It's worst when a woman is blind to all these, giving way for a man to take advantage of her. To every woman struggling with this issues, there is something broken inside you. Know that no one can complete you, satiate you, make you truly happy but you not even those actions you take to please a man. Stand up today and be the woman you were created. Fix yourself today!

  2. That is the key. #fix yourself.well noted.Thanks,we will.