Wednesday, 22 February 2017



At the break of dawn on a beautiful day divinely ordained by God himself. The silent still hovers the atmosphere peaceful and calm and the serenity was much more that which is seldom felt by man. While most people where up and running getting ready for the days task others where enjoying their peaceful sleep. No one envisage that God himself was about to break the natural laws of birth just to speedily get his vessel into planet earth. The to-be mum had no idea what she bears in her womb, but the constant pounding and hitting of the little angel made her wonder. The priceless jewel couldn't wait one more second, minutes,hour or day, she was running out of time as the world desperately longed for her being destined to impact generation unborn, so the hitting continued. The expectant mother who was already convinced of her due date, reluctantly took a stroll for a regular check up,, oh oh oh,,,,,, how the best things happens to us when we least expect. Unknown to her, God himself was about to twist the law of nature. The check up was going smoothly with no abnormalities recorded or felt, yet, as soon as the expectant mother was certified fit enough to rise and leave, protruding out of her walls was a very hairy head of her innocent angel. Amazed and terrified at the very unusual happening, medical team swung into action and this cutie was effortlessly  welcomed with much joy and gladness. While others rejoiced,the beautiful jewel cried and cried and cried,not because the world was a terrible place to be in, but because she wished at the point they knew she was just existing, her life was only gonna begin the moment she activates her purpose, then she will stop existing and starts living. And today she now joins the rest of the world in rejoicing with gladness, because she has not just found her purpose, she has activated it with a loud bang. She is me.



  1. Wow! Nice piece Birthday Girl.
    Wish you a wonderful and joyful celebrations. May your candles illuminate to the darkest part of earth �� and all your dreams and desires be fulfilled effortlessly as was your birth.
    PS. Where are we popping bottles and cutting �� cakes ��

    1. Hi Bassey, sorry it's coming late, the day couldn't go by without one, but for the sakes of those who missed out on it, there will be a post popping and cutting. Details will be sent to you.God bless us all. Amen