Sunday, 12 February 2017


It's okay to want to be strong by buckling up your emotions and acting like all is perfect within. So wrong to continuously bear all the pain alone because a possible negative outburst is inevitable.Talk about how you feel with people you trust who genuinely care about you. Stop pretending you are fine if you cry yourself to bed every night over the same stale thing. Stop pretending you're happy if you know that your whole heart is a labyrinth of scars. Stop pretending like you've got it all together if you know you are deeply broken. Stop hiding yourself behind your smile. It's okay to not always be okay.  Everytime you feel hurt rising back, know that it's a sign from your body asking you to release those emotions, but if you choose to instead buckle them, you'll end up bursting and make more damage to yourself. LET IT OUT, by admitting it's there in the first place, let it out by accepting that it's hurting you,let it out by accepting that it's a reality you can't escape and let your courage give you grace. It's something you can learn to do. There are a lot of people I know who will for no reason talk about their fears, worries and pain. What a shame of pride!  Christ the Savior of the world in his almightiness cried out in Gethsemane to his father he trust so much, we as mere mortals are in no inch as strong as he is, so you see, it's okay to cry it out and talk about it. Confide in your father in the secret and share with trusted mortals in the open, it's a step that heals you gradually and unconsciously. Not necessarily seeking for advice or consolation from them but talking it out for your sake. We buckle up so much inside and it's okay but our emotions shouldn't be part of it. The scriptures admonishes us not to let the sun set on our anger, how much we should love our neighbors and many more, all these are types of emotions that should be expressed and not bottled up. Why hold grudges when you can easily express your displeasure and move on. We are in a planet clouded with emotions, where everyone and everything tries to express themselves in the best possible way. Stop choking yourself to death,christ bore our sins and died for same course. We hopefully wait for his second coming so stop trying to play Christ. LET IT GO AND FREE YOUR SOUL, the burden is too much to bear alone so drop them at the feet of the cross for it was finished there. Take my hand and let's walk this path together.


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