Monday, 20 February 2017


Are you truly Single?

1. Do I enjoy me whilst I don't have anyone or my life is summarily an agitation of 'O, I am alone?

2. Do I think I have to always have someone in my life even if the person is not God's will for me?

3. Do I appreciate that being single... Not dating, not courting and not committed to anyone is actually NORMAL, OKAY AND DOESN'T OFFEND GOD if that's his will at that time?

4. Are you 'status' single but emotionally committed or even emotionally married? That's wasting the single power!

5. Being emotionally married or committed whilst single-single by status is a complication... It's not just abnormal it is making an already demanding life hard on yourself

6. Get it right
These guys aren't 'single'
They are 'committed'
So if you aren't in any of these and you are emotionally committed and obligated, you are in 'conscious emotional rape'

7. We hurt ourselves when we think the opposite of 'single' is 'married'... Leave that for the forms we fill:
Being single is actually being alone and good... Being 'not committed' but doing exactly what God wants you to do

8. Being single is GOD'S plan to train us in emotional discipline!
Why is there someone always in your life even when you know they are the wrong ones?
Because emotional discipline is lacking... You always want someone to service your raging fires

9. Being single is GOD'S plan to make you find yourself and your purpose without interference from anyone so that choosing who shares that life is easy... Being single is being in discovery phase before partnership phase!

10. Too many people have never been really single so they come into marriage not understanding what it means to be a strong part of the Union! They have built nothing but demand, dependence and dysfunctional pairing! So there is an imbalance from the very start.
Let's figure out ourselves and get it right once again.

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