Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Crushed and broken you seem, well then read what this damsel in same shoes says to herself.

You may water me down to smother me out, but she will rise without a doubt.

You may close the lid to seal me tight, but I will still pop back up ready to fight.

You may put down my name or say I'm the blame, but still I rise to my own truth perfectly intact & sane.

There's a girl who is scared, but won't resist the heat of the flame.

She is wary, but still she knows, she is sacred to the earth and pushes her way through the dirt that tries to cover her soul..

She carries within destruction and grief that's carved river deep, but still she flows with the currents of the creek.

True beauty lies within her as she takes a glimpse at her soul set on fire, full of memories unfold and dire.

Her vision is the capture of sacrifice she doesn't regret.

The goddess who howls screams, crawls, and dragged her body through the soil and rocks holding her torch in her hand, heart filled with pride as she buries the picture perfect image she can't stand.

To the goddess who won't keep quiet, live in silence, or hide, and who walks through the heat of the fire brave and unattained.

Painful memories rise to the surface she never knew were there, but she still lays her heart open for those who dare to navigate through  despair.

To the beloved sister who lives her truth, unapologetically, open heartedly, and weaves the thread of her new veracity.

This is the new era of the rising goddess who's often misunderstood and rises in silence unafraid.
We have to face life with a bang and look every challenge in the eye and give it a wink.
Say these words to yourself daily irrespective of your gender, race, culture, tradition and religious belief. They sure will stare up the dead giant in you and give your life an entirely new beginning.

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