Sunday, 2 April 2017


When for heaven's sake has it become a do or die affair, worth killing or dying for.  I sure withhold my counsel when I see one or both partner in a bloody state, my first question always is, Why did you wait for such a degeneration before seeking help. What happened to the phrase "prompt action ". Just maybe the brains went dead or was on an irretrievable lease. For this reason it was called love and not a war, so before it begins to get to a decline phase or a possible dead phase you are out for good. Why all the fight and blood spill when a simple dialogue can avert it all, why remain in that emotional cage when obviously one or both of you is/are falling out of love.

We get drown in the day dream of making it work, an adventure that almost seem like a dead end. Putting all your eggs in a basket and expecting to make an omelette the next day with no assurance of retrieving any. It all starts with a cold treatment that degenerate into a mild argument that grows into a loud one and continuously. And all you do at this point is expect some miracle that will never happen--------sadly here comes the first hit!!!!  Oh it was an uncontrollable outburst, a loss of temper, mood swing, that is the lie you tell yourself. It's either you fix it or take a long walk. A partner that hits you sure needs help, but the partner that subject himself to being the punching bag needs a bigger help.

I once had a couple in my counsel that had the ALL IS WELL look. But after taking a psychological and analytical look at them all I saw was a fragment of what used to seem like a happy life, beneath their designer wears were lifelong scars and covered with makeups were fine visible lines of clearly marked out cuts. Pathetically this partners fell right out of love as soon as they fell into it,yet they kept expecting to see the light at the end of a tunnel that only existed in their minds, built by their inability to cross their T's and dot their  I's. Now the question is why fall in love when you know well getting back on your feet will be an impossible feat.

Hmmm i am honestly sick and tired of seeing such beautiful souls wounded, crushed, and destroyed for simply falling in love. A practice ordained by God himself.  And hey!! Use the exit door if staying in only gives you hating feelings.  I pray God gives you the grace to walk away from things that no longer serve their purpose in Jesus name Amen. Life and love itself is too beautiful to be ugly in it. Take a step and ask for his grace.


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