Saturday, 8 April 2017


We move around with this heart that literally bears so much thoughts, stories,ideas,illusions,fantasies,worries,uncertainties,joy,burden, happiness, prayers,e.t.c and our minds segments them all into bits and pieces to aide assimilation by our very conscious and subconscious, yet our mouths say only that which it can carry at a given point. We sometimes get drown trying to pry into the mind of the creator, trying to figure out what is at the end of the tunnel,wondering if and when the storms will cease, wondering if it's ever going to shine again, wondering how many drops of rain will fill up your wounded soul, wishing for the stars and moon, when your brightest smile takes place within your thoughts and your best memories are all played out in your head. Your heart becomes your confidant and your mind your succour,you try to ignore the present and keep the past where it belongs, you fall inlove with the mental picture of the future you desire and smile yourself to sleep with the dramatic moments in them. You wake in the morning to face the present reality as it stares you in the face, just like staring at yourself in the mirror.Then it dawns again on you that you are mere and still mortal and he is still God.
N/B  Our understanding cannot transcend the boundaries of mortality. Let's live within our bounds, cling unto our faith, and be resilient in our struggle.

#I hope I have been able to talk to at  least one person.
#Just Martha passing by.
#speaking the heart of someone here.


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