Thursday, 1 June 2017


You can look upward, focus on a pinpoint in the blue, look outward, and the land undulates to a level horizon, look downward, and the earth seems remote, detached, the habitat and handiwork of another race. Here you can sense yourself as the very center of the universe. All lines of force and purpose pass through you. Move and the center moves with you. All things meet and resolve themselves here. You are a centre of an unimaginable circle whose circumference is nowhere and whose center is everywhere, so that anyone,  no matter who or what or where he may be, sensing the circle senses himself as the center. No matter, no matter our dedication, however material life continually forces itself upon us. Daily we meet tensions, competitions, exertion, emotional peaks and lassitude, so that it is almost as if we were riding a roller coaster over bounding forces that we do not and cannot control. We feel isolated in our fleshy prisons and long for the touch and contact of another hand, the consolation that someone else exists and feel the same as we, alone Aldo, reaching out. We are constantly beset by feelings of inferiority and personal unworthiness so that we adopt standards that are all based on our comparison with others. People are better looking, worse looking, smarter, dumber, taller, shorter, healthier, fatter, wealthier, poorer, weaker, stronger, sicker, more talented, less talented always in reference to ourselves. We hold up a mirror to the world, and the mirror is our ego. We see everything through it, and everything is coloured accordingly. We are the mirror of the world, let's give the world a better glance. It's never too late to start.



  1. Madame Martha. This is good. But I am at see at the deep meaning of the message

  2. @okonta Kosi,, I sure do understand and also trust you will give it a considerable thought. Positive you will unravel the petty mystery in it.