Friday, 23 June 2017


Here comes the day,it's exactly 12.30am,and here I am rolling from one end of my bed to the other. No!! I am not restless, am trying to find sleep. Oops!!  or maybe am scared, frightened over what I can't lay my fingers on. So am up, getting up from my bed at this point was the most viable option. Taking a quick glance at the event checklist just to be double sure everything was in order."PERFECTLY ORDERED" I said to myself, haven't seen  such perfection in a long while. So,  why is my adrenaline pumping this fast?  Oh----no no, now I got to hit my bed, I need all the rest I can get and am so resolved.Retired to my bed, all I could think about was "US". The vow, I starred with a teary eye as he read them aloud. Brief  and packed full with words that pierced my heart like a sword. The table is now turned to me, my teary eye broke up and drops was on my beautiful wedding dress. My beloved starred at me in fear. NO,,,,,, I assured him in the silence of my heart that I wasn't walking away, I was going nowhere, I am staying forever till death do us part. I read out my vows and meant every word of it. The pounding stopped suddenly and some chill ran through my veins. Suddenly the chill was interrupted. The other side of reality was beginning to dawn on me as the word "CLEAVE" kept resounding in my head. Okay, I thought it was actually about the wedding party and that was all I gave my attention to from the very day I accepted his proposal. But here I stood drained with the idea of cleaving. The sweet memory we had from the moment I said YES was nothing likened to the word cleave. It sounded like some thunderbolt and my freedom was abit shaken out of place. It wasn't about the vow, it was more. My friends,. My acquaintance, my clique and die-hand gangs.  Oh,,  ,how well I don't know their fate now.  I love the man standing before me with every beat of my heart but I still never want to leave them nor put an end to all the memories we shared,and here are all the people around joyously enchanting  "CLEAVE, CLEAVE, CLEAVE". how my heart pounds yet my smile broadens. Mixed emotions was all I felt. How come I have all my thoughts and attention  to the wedding party but gave little to the cleaving aspect of it all. And as I stood in this beautiful hall,  all I think  now is how to cleave to the one I just promised eternity and that am gonna do. 

How often we do what I did, majoring in the minor and ignoring the major. It's never too late for me to do what is right by understanding  and practicing the word "CLEAVE.  And so for you out there, go back to your drawing board and get them right. 

We can if we believe 





  1. Beautiful Piece!
    Cleaving is it.
    1+1=1 in marriage but when couples who do not understand the cleaving aspect try to break, they face leaving as 1/2 not 1.

    The Big Deal is to set the priorities.

  2. An economist just spoke,,,,
    Priority first,every other thing next.