Thursday, 17 August 2017


Now the centre of attention is a crowded space already and I bend in wonder as I stare at the long queue aiming for the same spot, some busy doing nothing, trampling on others and exhausting their strength in the place of struggle.
The sky is obviously too big for two birds to collide, so everyone up in the sky becomes a centre of his own world. So many misplaced priorities already, ignored talents, shattered dreams, overrated ego, altered destinies and aimless aims all in this shadowy quest for what is too frail to hold waters.
Long lost potentials all buried beneath the soils of forgetfulness and regrets, Pride taking the centre stage and calling the shot on humility, real beauty replaced by surgeries, brains displaced by gains ,fame bought with money and shame worn on undeserving persons. People coming to equity with unclean hands and passing judgement on the innocent.
Lives lost in the hands of careless road users with the needy perpetually at the mercy of the more fortunate.
Religion speedily losing its grip and heresy fast spreading like wild fire.
My heart sinks in my mouth and my bridled tongue shivering within its walls.
But what can I honestly say knowing  I am just one little girl in the gallery of life, staring into space with a hope to paint the real picture someday with an engraving definition of life that will define every single soul regardless of race, color, religion, or status.
A definition that will displace the hasty quest for relevance and reset the priorities of everyone.
Wishes might be a well branded name from your stable at this point. But a single harmless wish is more honorable than a viable harmful quest that creates a menace for the Society.
While competitiveness may be life principle,  creativeness is God principle. Much of the strife and headlong clash with others that exist in our daily affairs can be avoided simply by taking a creative rather than a competitive viewpoint of other things and other people.
Man is not on earth solely to build taller buildings, longer bridges, fly higher, dive deeper, and make explosions.  Without doubt all human activity has its place in the scheme of things, but it is certain that all endeavor, all inquiry has only one end -the progressive emergence of God out of matter, of God out of man. These are pyschology, parapsychology, and mystical philosophy.
This quest are prison bars of our own making, when we get locked up inside of it, even a legion of angels can't seem to have the power to set us free.
Our universal minds becomes channeled to the viewpoint of others thereby rendering our abilities incapacitated and making us vulnerable to a world we were predestined to dominate.
The fast rising is alarming, how much the real essence is forgotten and a total adoption of frivolity and temporary gratification  is embraced without a blink of what the future consequence could be.
Our drawing boards needs to be visited, and the time is now.


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