Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Oh, the Children, have you met any yet? Sure you have, the strange smile on their face,their shallow laughter trapped by an unclear net-like structure, their untold agonizing Story about how Mum and Dad couldn't make it work,their gloomy eyes filled with uncertainty and despair, their broken trust and wounded soul. Mostly too easy to spot them from the crowd,as they automatically become withdrawn to their detriment as that was ever their original nature. You wonder what happened to their confidence? Oh, it was stolen along side their courage that moment one or both parent used the door without looking back. Trust died the moment their parent smashed it to death right in their face, and here they are so unable to trust their very own words. They don't sit under a Love sermon,but how can they!! as they constantly wonder why Love wasn't enough to keep their Parent together. I met an Innocent one who never envisaged falling in Love for fear "i don't want my kids growing up like i am" she screamed. Holding her close to my chest i could feel her blood rush through her veins. What a beauty, intellect, talent, bravery, elegance all locked up by a broken home.
He goes through life not trusting any Lady he meets. She beliefs every man she meets is a total replica of her father and so she ends up breaking the Innocent hearts of everyman that crosses her path.
Lets take a step back on our decisions, placing right priorities from the beginning
with the future generation in view.
In respect to the topic at hand let us consider those angelic kids we are bringing into a world filled with its own miseries and not inflict more on them by an adulterated decision we took way back to satisfy our pride,greed,lust, ego and emotions.
We pray the World stays free of this ever increasing sad sight.



  1. Lovely and emotional. How i wish people dare not to think marriage is a play ground but a life itself. In church i was sitting and paying attention to the teachings of the word as i got a mini note passed to me from a girl. Where she needed help on the basis that nobody in the family was willing to help her. I felt the burden and i almost shedded tears. The english was carefully wrote out, words perfectly spelt and the handwritting so amazing and that made me feel the burden the more... No wonder the Bible states that the cretaures are waiting for the earnest manisfestation of the sons of God. More grace to you dear.