Thursday, 28 September 2017


57years ago a child was born to a life she considered free and fair after being enslaved centuries Long in an encapsulated case devoid of access to simple basic amenities even in the presence and abundance of resources  tapped, untapped and most yet unknown. All she filled her mind with was wishes, clouding her thoughts with beautiful mental picture so crystal as diamond and brought to life by all the finest color she could ever imagine. But like the Saying goes,, If wishes were horses we will all ride. Her incubation period was nothing to write home about,filled with agonizing moments  that brings a still tear to her face. No one could comprehend what exactly she went through during her dark days no matter how much of her history was read on papers and history books. She was never for the accolades because they only last but for awhile. Chills was always flowing down her spine and her adrenaline responding to ever mental action in and out without preference to limiting factors,secreting hormones yet to be identified and responding with an almost Blank-Action to every stimuli. Her New birth to independence never came through without loads of rules, regulations, norms and values sometimes expressed with high precision of contradiction,swinging on an imbalanced pendulum acted upon by little or unknown external force of gravity. Overtime she tries to gain her balance, a quest that seems futile  due to an ever-increasing complexity grounded in retrogression and cemented with chimers designed by rhetoric and hurt would not give her a break to explore the dividends that come with this long awaited birth. And now,  just when she thought she has found her feet on the ground and of course leave her footprint Upon the sands of time so posterity can say of her that she vehemently stoop to conquer!!!  Here comes a different world rearing its seemingly beautiful head and piercing through all spheres of her world so fast that bubbles breaks each time this new world gains a new ground thereby spreading its tentacles, and just like a wild fire engulfs everything that comes its way. This new world obviously couldn't function without the full participation of the people in this new Independent world of hers resulting in a rise of "divided attention". Her world could barely focus on the things "basic" needed to permenetize her status nor build a better, stronger and more stable growth-phase. So here come a massive decline having been unable to resist the enticing pleasureable pebbles thrown at them. This New World was named SOCIAL MEDIA. It came with a new kind of book called FACEBOOK and compounded everyone especially student to read them, a world we had to Follow unknown people on TWITTER and ignoring the real known people we see around, a world we had to weigh our life status on a scale It called INSTAGRAM,a World that once said we had 2GO via a BBM transport to get our PALMCHAT, making us create our links only in LINKDIN, a World everyone wants to be a BADOO by getting familiar on WECHAT, gathering views on SNAPCHAT and trying to get to the SKYPE level. IMO became their tourist centre with visitors slogan reading WHATSAPP, just to stay updated. This new world  kept People stuck up on an enclosed YOUTUBE, where time spent are with no return of investment. The quest and demand to have a spot in this new world rendered the vision behind her gained independence almost blind.
So while we raise our banners in celebration of the freedom bought by the lives of our hereos past, let us have posterity in mind and give justice to their course.