Monday, 25 December 2017



Ima ima.

Nothing seemed to work before you came.
The overflowing brooks had dried up under the scorching heat from the heartless sun.
Innumerable animals had taken flight after the poisoning of the heart of their keeper.
The snail of joy had crawled away with a sour look.
Mama Bear twib cubs, favour and victory, looked on as their mama guided them away from the human infants
Wondering when next they would get to play with the humans like the creator had commanded them to.
While the man pointed accusatory fingers at Eden, the evil one with a smirk of triumph, went to open the latch that kept the birds of dominon
Laughing out loud as man's rightful pets hovered around before letting out a mournful screech and then leaving.

Jesu Ima ima
Man suffered untold pain due to the fall.
The ground refused to yield a smile until sweat fell upon it as rain.
Little babes refused to come out of their rented apartments unless the cries of their mothers' ascended to the heavens.
Little stains on the pure cassocks were never forgiven until lambs lost their heads.
The beloved nation of the creator wallowed in chains forced on them by the creatures.
Kings were forced into walking while servants rode.
Queens were forced to brush golden tiaras while placing them on the heads of their maids.
The rich was forced to scavenging in dung hills while the jaws of servants worked wonders on the stewed lamb roasts.
The generals were thrown into dungeons where big rats nibbled at their toes and possessions.

Taboos ran amuck in the fields of the sons of God
Oxen driving the plough of death and wrecking havoc on every good seed
The city streets became filled with blood;
Hell's secret service laying waste to dreams and saints with street sweepers in hand.

Then, word came through from the streets paved with gold.
The walls built with sapphire and emerald stones bore messages to the walls made with human hands.

"Baba dey come"
"Messiah dey come"

The three word sentence that shattered the eardrums of the evil one.
The morse coded message that was deciphered by the prophet Isaiah.
The single message that kept appearing on the cards of the Tarot players.
The single message that appeared in the entrails of animals split open by the prophets.
The single song of hope that kept on renewing the strenght of the inmates cluttered in the enemy's death camp.

Time passed and people forgot.
Time passed and the enemy forgot.
Till a baby cried.
In a bed of hay, the baby cried.
In the city of Bethlehem, the baby cried.

To a world of hurt, a saviour was born.
To the cheering of angelic hosts, the saviour was born.
To the sneering of earthly hosts, the saviour was dragged to Golgotha
To the jeering of demonic hosts, the saviour was crucified.
With the tearing of temple's veil, the saviour died.

Silence on the first.
Disciples tiptoeing to the grave to witness the miracle.
Hopes slain.
Grief multiplied, they returned home.

Silence on the second.
Pharisees entering the city in grand style to witness the triumph of civil authority.
Hopes raised.
Merriment multiplied, they returned to their castles.

Shouting on the third day.
Hallelujah for the king has risen!
Hallelujah for the saviour has dominated.
Hosanna for the creation is saved!

#Okonta Kosi

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