Monday, 15 January 2018

Destiny review (part A)

Laughter filled my mouth and I continue non-stop.

No!!!!!!! It wasn't out of excitement or extreme happiness, it was my expression of confusion,anger,untold pain, and future anticipated hardship. 

   The vehicle literally came to a stop but in my head I wished it was still in motion. I beat myself a multiple time to face the shocking reality that the bus has really come to a halt.
   I gazed around the faces of my co- passengers wondering what was going on in their head.
   Oh,,,,, what a futile search as my emotions was too clouded to see clearly, so I couldn't read through them.
Uncertain about what I felt, but certainly sure of how I felt.
    I managed to count my steps slowly not to trip as I descend the bus. Unsure if I want my feet on the ground or just fly away without a step. I stood still on the last step down, wondering if to to take the next step or just run back inside the bus and wake up from what I only hoped was a dream.
   Hell no, here was reality staring me in the face so I got to take the step anyways.
   A step to the unknown,unsure of what lay wait for me in the apartment. The faces of the ushers beamed with a smile, then I realized what a tough skin they must have developed against this harsh environment over time.
   Time sure heals all they say.
So I take my next step with the confidence of the philosophy of time.

My time for a destiny review is here and now.