Thursday, 11 January 2018

my escape

Uncontrollable tears streaming down my beautiful cheeks. Rushing down with a force I can barely comprehend. My heart is heavy,yet couldn't scream out the pain, my head banging so loud I can feel the heat.
Steam boiling out from my nostrils whilst trying to catch a breath. No word could describe the pain deep inside as every word I hear cut deep inside.
I am broken to shreds, torn in pieces as I watch my life fade away like a flash of light.  Trying to catch my breath,but like a wild wind it keeps flying away.
I want to run so far from a reach,
Too high for a grab,
And too deep from a sight,  but as much as I run I end up in the same enclosed circle.
My heart is racing fast and yet I am not running at all. Words are fast leaving my head as nothing seems to make sense to me anymore.
In a world filled with people yet I am standing all alone listening to the voices in my head.
The crowd seems like a shadow to me and their voice like an echo.
All I want now is an escape.
An escape from the hurt that is so unbearable,
An escape from the bangs in my head,
An escape from the torment I face
An escape from ME
But now I realise that I am MY ESCAPE!!!
and so are you.


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  1. Lovely. Everything we've to succeed is all embedded in us.