Thursday, 22 February 2018

The birth, the death, the regeneration and the fusion of mission.

Many years ago A Star shone from the east as an incredible infant was born in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital,in the beautiful city of port Harcourt.

The earth itself Knew it just received a one of a kind visitor, and it instructs it's entirety to cooperate with the baby's mandate, and so it was.

Differing all medical protocols and choosing life amidst the many deaths that loomed around. The earth once again began to understand the mystery behind this very birth so it patiently waited for its manifestation.

And on this day, the 23rd day of February 2018, I DIE,  a death that has been long awaited, a very important death, a death that is a major pathway into another phase.

I DIE today, so I can live
I DIE so I can be born again
I DIE so the prime mission can be birthed

For purpose has been buried beneath the harsh criticism of life,
For mission has suffered severe injuries in the hands of procrastination,
For believe, trust, and hope has been sent on exile.

But today, MARTHA SAGAY dies, to give birth to a higher CALLING  to humanity.

This is the point, where dream, purpose and mission collide. A point where vision is birthed and nurtured. A point where service becomes paramount and self comes last.

Happy Birthday MARTHA SAGAY
Happy Birthday OUT THE SHADES
Today we two become one in mission.

I present to you our newest evergreen baby
A platform designed strictly for you .Where you come first.
Join us today on all our social media handles and let's come OUT OF THE SHADES together.

We love you.

Monday, 19 February 2018

The mini-ice rain in Benin city

Rain as usual,,,but this one was absolutely different in just one sense.
When the wind came on, we ran helter skelter seeking shelter,,so unfortunate,,within a split second the roof of little shelter we found gave way to the rain as it couldn't  resist the heavy wind.
Not long before, the roof gave up and we were left drenched in the rain.
Just when we were about to call it a bad evening having drenched,,,,,
We noticed shiny-like cold substances drop on our body,,,, the crystal looked like some joke as we refused to believe what it looked like.
Lo,,,,,, its ICE,,,,,
We screamed and got down to the ground to pick up what was left of the ice,
We loved every moment of it as we forgot whatever was as stake.
Ice in Benin,,,,
And this was the beginning of a great-cold evening in this part of Benin.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Night life on the streets of Abuja

Flashes of light and screeching of cars making my lashes flip and my ear buzz.And when my Phone buzzed  i knew it was time to hit the street so i hit my closet. 

The night was kinda hot in the air, but i felt real cold indoors. 

At this point my closet wasnt doing justice to the Fashion statement i had in mind to make but still the Street of Abuja had no chill,, it had my name on it like some hall of fame inscription. So i had to bounce. 

I had to go out there and do that i was destined to do,  i had to lunch into the deep of the night atleast to find a treasure. 

It was past midnight so i presumed the weather will be friendly by at that time. At this Point my closet smiled on me and i jumped on a zebra suit with a host to prevent the sucking feast of preys.

From the moment  the ignition turned on and the car screech through the coaltar i could feel the heat From the air. 

Moments passed and the sound went lost in the air, actions went slowly, a scene contrary to my normal self, "the life of the party" my friends will always call me. 

But tonight, they was something different about the night, which apparently changed my outlook. Something it took a Long while for me to figure out. 

Taking a U-turn,  i went back home for a quick Change, the cold was feeling real so i had to be ready for it anyways.

Something was different about me, about the night, about everything. 

It was the sight, the unpleasant things happening all around, teenage boys and girls going Wild into the night as i wondered if their heart was still enclosed in their chest or not.

The exchange trade reminded me of the slave trade,  because inasmuch as they walked freely their act was slavery. 

When love happens in the heart and the mind don't seem to comprehend the mystery.

The piece on your request,,,,,,,,

My heart ain't racing cause you got me hooked.
Don't know how u did it but u got me booked.
Its not about the things you said or didn't say,,,
As most times your actions drives me off the brooks,,,,,,,but yet i stay.
Like a shadow of turning i can't seem to leave my heart behind.
At first i thought it was LUST, so i tried to run  as fast as my legs could carry,,,,
But every step i take away brings me even closer,,,,
So i gave up....
I gave up the struggle my emotions has been subjected to,
I resort to fate for i know destiny knows better than i do
So here i am,,,, granting a request i ordinarily would turn down
Your hands wrapped about my tiny frame all day and night would take away my fears.
While staring into your eyes,i could see the world in a glance.
You say over and over how much you love me,,and it makes me smile,
because you doubt i do too.

Kisses,hugs and an all-night wild romance won't still define how i feel,,
So when i say NO to it, its simply because i want you to have more.
Words will fail me if i bank on them right now.
For what my heart feels your heart knows already.
I solved this puzzle a long time ago,,,,so i will have to pause here.
Its a piece you requested for,but its my heart you got here.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Emotional Tango in a crazy love circle on a Valentine day. (rated 18)

My fragile hands wrapped around his muscular frame, wild thoughts colliding with the sound of a kiss interrupted by an unending quest for more.

All I did was feel the warmth of his embrace as light sweat drip down my spine in a very slow pace that I could count my breath with a drip.

I starred into his eyes that were already pooping out their sockets from his gaze on me,  and immediately my legs lost its balance as my limbs grew weaker by the second.

He lifted me up to save me from tripping and I buried my entire body on his chest. His broad chest served as the perfect casket that rest my pretty head and I got consumed in the moment.

Just like a tomb, silence filled the room , and we could hear the sound of the ticking clock from a distance.

We both lost track of time, as hours suddenly took the form of seconds and we wished for more.

Nothing was more honorable like his planted kiss on my forehead, and as each was planted I watered it by reciprocating. A gesture that earned me more kisses,, and yesssss time went by again without  our notice.

He placed my little  frame on the bath tub,,,, yes!  The bath was a soothing relief,  the perfect soothing relief my body needed after a long day at work.

Gently leading me to the room, as a mother watching over her suckling,,  he placed me on the bed,,,,, the best part.

He sang me a lullaby,,, cuddling me like it's the last thing he wanna do before he dies,,, and once more,, I felt even more tiny as his muscular  frame enveloped my entire make-up. *Perfect match you may call us.

The slow jam filled the air and his whisper was lost in the sentimental waves that consumed us.

I never bothered to utter a word,, I was engulfed in my thoughts. Never knew dreams could come through.

As I lay me down here,, starring at the man I swore eternity with,  it all begins to make more sense.

I put all the broken LETTERS together and the only SENTENCE it could make was

Happy Valentine day people.
Dedicated  to all married couples
In the house.

Friday, 2 February 2018

the street girl, her walk way and her audience.(part A)

She wouldn't cave, hell no. She loves the life outside the tunnel. She ain't ready to give up that castle-fied exterior she fills her mind with on daily basis. She chuckles in her head whenever people expect her to function in a designed/classified strata.
The street taught her all she knows, directly and indirectly. Her gag is simply on the placards displayed in the streets. She wouldn't give the world's compartmentalization for a careless second. You want to inculcate into her schedule and rain on her parade????
    Oops, you will have to give that a second thought because the street girl barely can squeeze herself into the 24hours  of the day. Yet, she loves with her every breath.

From the air she breaths to the future she sees are all birthed and watered in the street. Having been there, she is constantly ready to risk it all for a dream no one can see but her. She is a survivor not just because she fought any battle but because she feels indebted to the future she sees.
She knows she ain't for everyone, so would never crave to be just another pretty face down the hallway,
she gives up all pettiness for the whole package she envisage irrespective of the discomfort her decisions brings on her at the given point in time.
She vehemently looks forward to the tide tomorrow would bring and as such goes blind to the turbulence of today. She is a model to herself and the street is her run -way.


resolution again in 2018

All these regimented personal addendum has only succeeded in putting a wide laugh on my face because the only broad spectrum resolution that should be enacted in our lives was spelt out 2000years ago and has ever since been the model of the kind of life we individually and collectively crave for.

It sends some chill down my spin when I see chunk of documented resolutions daily,weekly,monthly,quarterly and yearly.  

It baffles me even more when I see repeated resolutions penned down over time. And I begin to wonder,,probably the word has lost its essence.I once had a man under my counsel,after the first session I saw satisfaction on his face,but something within me felt strange,so I rescheduled for another session,it was a heated session,hitting back to back at all angles.

I realised the exact cause of his pains was same for his happiness,Guess what!!!! HIS RESOLUTIONS,he gets broken,shattered and bitter when he misses out on any and later beam with smiles when he gets close to making another resolution.
And he gushes on how well he is going to live up to them this new season.Ooopss this single act pisses me off,the torment,confusion,lies,and unkind treatment he inflicts on himself all in the bid to keep them up.
What a pity,sitting before me was a man who walks freely but was bonded with chains of his mental prison.
2018 is here with varying listed resolutions,how about we take a sneak peak by the priceless blood of the lamb!!!  Just maybe we might have a reason.

To double-check our penned down resolution,free ourselves from the mental trap and embrace 2018.