Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Emotional Tango in a crazy love circle on a Valentine day. (rated 18)

My fragile hands wrapped around his muscular frame, wild thoughts colliding with the sound of a kiss interrupted by an unending quest for more.

All I did was feel the warmth of his embrace as light sweat drip down my spine in a very slow pace that I could count my breath with a drip.

I starred into his eyes that were already pooping out their sockets from his gaze on me,  and immediately my legs lost its balance as my limbs grew weaker by the second.

He lifted me up to save me from tripping and I buried my entire body on his chest. His broad chest served as the perfect casket that rest my pretty head and I got consumed in the moment.

Just like a tomb, silence filled the room , and we could hear the sound of the ticking clock from a distance.

We both lost track of time, as hours suddenly took the form of seconds and we wished for more.

Nothing was more honorable like his planted kiss on my forehead, and as each was planted I watered it by reciprocating. A gesture that earned me more kisses,, and yesssss time went by again without  our notice.

He placed my little  frame on the bath tub,,,, yes!  The bath was a soothing relief,  the perfect soothing relief my body needed after a long day at work.

Gently leading me to the room, as a mother watching over her suckling,,  he placed me on the bed,,,,, the best part.

He sang me a lullaby,,, cuddling me like it's the last thing he wanna do before he dies,,, and once more,, I felt even more tiny as his muscular  frame enveloped my entire make-up. *Perfect match you may call us.

The slow jam filled the air and his whisper was lost in the sentimental waves that consumed us.

I never bothered to utter a word,, I was engulfed in my thoughts. Never knew dreams could come through.

As I lay me down here,, starring at the man I swore eternity with,  it all begins to make more sense.

I put all the broken LETTERS together and the only SENTENCE it could make was

Happy Valentine day people.
Dedicated  to all married couples
In the house.