Sunday, 18 February 2018

Night life on the streets of Abuja

Flashes of light and screeching of cars making my lashes flip and my ear buzz.And when my Phone buzzed  i knew it was time to hit the street so i hit my closet. 

The night was kinda hot in the air, but i felt real cold indoors. 

At this point my closet wasnt doing justice to the Fashion statement i had in mind to make but still the Street of Abuja had no chill,, it had my name on it like some hall of fame inscription. So i had to bounce. 

I had to go out there and do that i was destined to do,  i had to lunch into the deep of the night atleast to find a treasure. 

It was past midnight so i presumed the weather will be friendly by at that time. At this Point my closet smiled on me and i jumped on a zebra suit with a host to prevent the sucking feast of preys.

From the moment  the ignition turned on and the car screech through the coaltar i could feel the heat From the air. 

Moments passed and the sound went lost in the air, actions went slowly, a scene contrary to my normal self, "the life of the party" my friends will always call me. 

But tonight, they was something different about the night, which apparently changed my outlook. Something it took a Long while for me to figure out. 

Taking a U-turn,  i went back home for a quick Change, the cold was feeling real so i had to be ready for it anyways.

Something was different about me, about the night, about everything. 

It was the sight, the unpleasant things happening all around, teenage boys and girls going Wild into the night as i wondered if their heart was still enclosed in their chest or not.

The exchange trade reminded me of the slave trade,  because inasmuch as they walked freely their act was slavery. 

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