Friday, 2 February 2018

resolution again in 2018

All these regimented personal addendum has only succeeded in putting a wide laugh on my face because the only broad spectrum resolution that should be enacted in our lives was spelt out 2000years ago and has ever since been the model of the kind of life we individually and collectively crave for.

It sends some chill down my spin when I see chunk of documented resolutions daily,weekly,monthly,quarterly and yearly.  

It baffles me even more when I see repeated resolutions penned down over time. And I begin to wonder,,probably the word has lost its essence.I once had a man under my counsel,after the first session I saw satisfaction on his face,but something within me felt strange,so I rescheduled for another session,it was a heated session,hitting back to back at all angles.

I realised the exact cause of his pains was same for his happiness,Guess what!!!! HIS RESOLUTIONS,he gets broken,shattered and bitter when he misses out on any and later beam with smiles when he gets close to making another resolution.
And he gushes on how well he is going to live up to them this new season.Ooopss this single act pisses me off,the torment,confusion,lies,and unkind treatment he inflicts on himself all in the bid to keep them up.
What a pity,sitting before me was a man who walks freely but was bonded with chains of his mental prison.
2018 is here with varying listed resolutions,how about we take a sneak peak by the priceless blood of the lamb!!!  Just maybe we might have a reason.

To double-check our penned down resolution,free ourselves from the mental trap and embrace 2018.


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