Thursday, 22 February 2018

The birth, the death, the regeneration and the fusion of mission.

Many years ago A Star shone from the east as an incredible infant was born in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital,in the beautiful city of port Harcourt.

The earth itself Knew it just received a one of a kind visitor, and it instructs it's entirety to cooperate with the baby's mandate, and so it was.

Differing all medical protocols and choosing life amidst the many deaths that loomed around. The earth once again began to understand the mystery behind this very birth so it patiently waited for its manifestation.

And on this day, the 23rd day of February 2018, I DIE,  a death that has been long awaited, a very important death, a death that is a major pathway into another phase.

I DIE today, so I can live
I DIE so I can be born again
I DIE so the prime mission can be birthed

For purpose has been buried beneath the harsh criticism of life,
For mission has suffered severe injuries in the hands of procrastination,
For believe, trust, and hope has been sent on exile.

But today, MARTHA SAGAY dies, to give birth to a higher CALLING  to humanity.

This is the point, where dream, purpose and mission collide. A point where vision is birthed and nurtured. A point where service becomes paramount and self comes last.

Happy Birthday MARTHA SAGAY
Happy Birthday OUT THE SHADES
Today we two become one in mission.

I present to you our newest evergreen baby
A platform designed strictly for you .Where you come first.
Join us today on all our social media handles and let's come OUT OF THE SHADES together.

We love you.

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