Monday, 19 February 2018

The mini-ice rain in Benin city

Rain as usual,,,but this one was absolutely different in just one sense.
When the wind came on, we ran helter skelter seeking shelter,,so unfortunate,,within a split second the roof of little shelter we found gave way to the rain as it couldn't  resist the heavy wind.
Not long before, the roof gave up and we were left drenched in the rain.
Just when we were about to call it a bad evening having drenched,,,,,
We noticed shiny-like cold substances drop on our body,,,, the crystal looked like some joke as we refused to believe what it looked like.
Lo,,,,,, its ICE,,,,,
We screamed and got down to the ground to pick up what was left of the ice,
We loved every moment of it as we forgot whatever was as stake.
Ice in Benin,,,,
And this was the beginning of a great-cold evening in this part of Benin.