Friday, 2 February 2018

the street girl, her walk way and her audience.(part A)

She wouldn't cave, hell no. She loves the life outside the tunnel. She ain't ready to give up that castle-fied exterior she fills her mind with on daily basis. She chuckles in her head whenever people expect her to function in a designed/classified strata.
The street taught her all she knows, directly and indirectly. Her gag is simply on the placards displayed in the streets. She wouldn't give the world's compartmentalization for a careless second. You want to inculcate into her schedule and rain on her parade????
    Oops, you will have to give that a second thought because the street girl barely can squeeze herself into the 24hours  of the day. Yet, she loves with her every breath.

From the air she breaths to the future she sees are all birthed and watered in the street. Having been there, she is constantly ready to risk it all for a dream no one can see but her. She is a survivor not just because she fought any battle but because she feels indebted to the future she sees.
She knows she ain't for everyone, so would never crave to be just another pretty face down the hallway,
she gives up all pettiness for the whole package she envisage irrespective of the discomfort her decisions brings on her at the given point in time.
She vehemently looks forward to the tide tomorrow would bring and as such goes blind to the turbulence of today. She is a model to herself and the street is her run -way.


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