Sunday, 18 February 2018

When love happens in the heart and the mind don't seem to comprehend the mystery.

The piece on your request,,,,,,,,

My heart ain't racing cause you got me hooked.
Don't know how u did it but u got me booked.
Its not about the things you said or didn't say,,,
As most times your actions drives me off the brooks,,,,,,,but yet i stay.
Like a shadow of turning i can't seem to leave my heart behind.
At first i thought it was LUST, so i tried to run  as fast as my legs could carry,,,,
But every step i take away brings me even closer,,,,
So i gave up....
I gave up the struggle my emotions has been subjected to,
I resort to fate for i know destiny knows better than i do
So here i am,,,, granting a request i ordinarily would turn down
Your hands wrapped about my tiny frame all day and night would take away my fears.
While staring into your eyes,i could see the world in a glance.
You say over and over how much you love me,,and it makes me smile,
because you doubt i do too.

Kisses,hugs and an all-night wild romance won't still define how i feel,,
So when i say NO to it, its simply because i want you to have more.
Words will fail me if i bank on them right now.
For what my heart feels your heart knows already.
I solved this puzzle a long time ago,,,,so i will have to pause here.
Its a piece you requested for,but its my heart you got here.