Tuesday, 27 March 2018

you didn't come to Play.

Facing everything with a bang like my life depends on it. Heading out for everything i was once told i couldn't achieve. My inner strength is outgrowing my surrounding fears. Oh Oh...

The No's are suddenly becoming a resounding Yes, the mountains leveling Up.
Its all out there,  i once thought there were farfetched,  how well i have realized they stare me in the face.
News splash!!!
I just didn't  come to play.

The games are seaming more interesting and the invitation to play all comes in a VVIP ticket,  but right now Am setting the rules of the game, so Playing ain't an option for me. 

Shutting negative right out the door. NO! Am not growing into being unreceptive, Am just not down for all the drama i once took in.

Bottled up inside is a fearless and resilient being, whom after going through the highs and lows have made a decision irrespective of what get screwed for the right course.

Enough i say!!!!  You keep telling me of the hurt, fears,pains,shame,rejection,abuse and Many more, i agreed and as such retreated my steps. But hey!!!  How come you you never mentioned of the gains, Love, fame, Joy, Comfort, goals, happiness and the likes, well then, let me fill you in on it.

The World is not that terrible after all,  they are always two sides in a coin and am ready to Flip the coin around.
Am turning my cants to cans and my dreams into Plans,  getting my both feet firmly on the ground and my personality getting stronger because i am living by clear norms and values.

Am all comfortable with life's Irony and fixing myself into ever thread.
Am the reflection of the Choices i made.

I didn't come to Play
I come to make the rules for the playground.