Sunday, 15 April 2018

The blank flatter

I sat for hours listening to him talk, I laughed helplessly at all of his jokes and wished he never stopped.

I saw the sincerity in his eyes and heard the echo of truth in his voice without him knowing.

He took me down memory lane as well as told me novel things I knew nothing about. Yes! You can call him my Teacher.

He never got his gaze off me like he was seeing me for the first time and sadly his last.

Every stare brought me closer to him and I felt his misery, a misery he built up in his head.

I felt his hair through my skin as I lay to rest my head on his shoulders, a well deserving rest indeed.

Admiring his fine dentition like I don't have one. He swept me off my feet with every word he said.

I was helpless but very safe with him as he drove my fears away with a smile.

He was never the type of much words but with me he just let go and never holds back.

Some fairy tale you may call it, but this was reality staring me in the face like some Hollywood flick.

Now I fear I am strong enough to take care of his loving-big heart. I really want to reciprocate his kind gestures truly.

You may call this a BLANK FLATTER, but that will be up to me to give this a name.

the crowded space

My solitude is being invaded and I feel like calling the cops on them.

My privacy is being shared and I just wanna vet my anger, break stuffs and scream at the top of my voice.

I want to kick them all out and increase the rent. But they seem like they got the bag and can afford to pay.

The sky knows my name so I commune easily with it,out of the blues i could See the sun and when the moon shines i could tell the intensity of the light.

I feel jealous of the stars mosttimes because I see them sorrounded by fellow stars, but the moon stands alone and attracts stars to itself, so I thought for a second I am the MOON. 

The noise sorrounded by the stars was so loud that i needed a ear-plug. I loved my solitute mosttimes and my privacy is ever before me

Saturday, 14 April 2018

sounds of resounds

While some worry about the glass being half full, others worry about it being half empty, while I worry about refilling the damn glass and toast to a good life.

The silver spoon was never a craving for me but the silver in itself was my inner drive.

So I turned on the ignition and shut my ears to the world and my eyes to the traffic signs.

An act I knew could cost my life,,,,,,
but what then is life if I can't express myself, I thought to myself, and this fueled my engine as I set out for the ride of life.

The road of course wasn't a smooth one as I bumped into pot holes and bumbs that posed a serious threat to my car tire,, and sometimes when the tire has passed it's elastic limits it burst open.

I wasn't ignorant of this future happenings so I had my truck stuck full with various spare parts before I set off.

Then, at every point of a fix, I heard this tiny subtle voice asking me to turn around and go home.

But then I realized that "home" is not where you come from but what you make of where you are. Since I was in the middle of nowhere, I thrive to get to my destination so I can pitch my tent and comfortably call it home.

Still on this journey though,, on my way home.

NB= never stop your journey  half way. Home is possible.

MODEL=Maggie (big sist)

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The reflective image

Being in a mental asylum, all i had with me was my thoughts,the sunrise and the sunset.

Not trying to leave so much to their imagination so i bare it all Up.
My reflective shadow brought nearer by the warming sun was the only companion i had and i wasn't willing to squash the Union.

A Union i cherished so much, a companion that moved, talked, thought, and felt just like myself.

A companion i was never gonna have to explain my every step to,, not because i wouldn't willingly do that, but because this companion sits in my thoughts, shared my breath, and has its life intertwined with Mine.

This reflective image was my very shadow,,, the real me in its semi-numb state. 

The me in its still form. 

The real me in its sunographic form. 

Saturday, 7 April 2018

My fruit, Your fruit. Part A

When God blessed his creation, He said, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it” (Gen. 1:22). This statement has been singularly interpreted to mean that we, God’s creatures should multiply and fill the earth through reproduction. While the above is true, it was not the singular reason why God created us.

If it were the singular reason why God created man, then God will simply say “multiply and fill the earth.” However, the foremost instruction of God was “be fruitful.' How then can a person be fruitful? This question can only be answered if one understands what fruits are in themselves.

First of all, before you get a fruit, there has to be a tree and a tree itself is the product of a seed. Therefore, for the seed to produce tree which in turn will produce fruits, there has to be a sower. Now there are two sowers in this world; God and the devil.

Matt 13:3 talks about a sower going out to sow; just as God goes out to sow, so does the devil and God goes forth to sow his words in our hearts whereas the devil goes out to sow thorns in our minds.

However, after the seeds are sown, we are expected to produce fruits, so fruits here are simply the products of the seed sown in our hearts, or putting it in a different way, they are the results of our stewardship. We are meant to nurture the word in our hearts and produce much fruits otherwise, we’ll lose it as the devil will come and steal the word away from our hearts (Matt 13:19).

Using a simple illustration from the Bible to buttress this point, (Luke 13: 7 – 9) “the owner of the vineyard is God the creator, the gardener is Jesus Christ his son and the tree represent the children of God. This chapter is in reference to an unproductive tree and God is not please when a tree isn’t producing fruits (Matt 21:19). The world is like a garden and we all are like trees, we are expected to bear good fruits so as to make our creator (God the sower) to be pleased with our existence.

God goes out and he sows his word in our heart and expects us to produce fruits, but the problem is that the devil also sows in our minds to ruin the perfect plan of God for our lives but God’s expectation of us is that we “bring forth fruits worthy of repentance Matt 3:8.

This therefore means that there are other fruits not worthy of repentance.
In our daily, we are expected to live lives that people will acknowledge as pleasing to God and lives that God himself will glory in, such that he can proudly boast of us to be sons and daughters of his. This is a life that bears fruits worthy of repentance.
Anything outside this is bearing fruits unworthy of repentance. Every singular action we take either bears fruit worthy of repentance or bears fruits outside of repentance.

CC: John B.

Friday, 6 April 2018

The ladder trip

Princess and Tessy graciously held the ladder, one having a smaller frame and the Other a bigger frame, with complete opposite complexion as well,, you Could call them two sides of a human coin.

It was about 8pm and all i wanted to do was delve into my plate of rice and sauce awaiting me upstairs so i took the next option, #the ladder option.

The ladder is too fragile and not long enough,,,, this statement stared me in the face because it was the truth. But i wasn't Concerned about the truth for now but about a Way Up, so i shoved it all behind.

My dress was pretty short because i never bargained being shutout from using the newly tiled stairways that wasn't yet dry enough.

I stared at the ladder for a fast second and took the first step.
Easy easy easy,, they screamed,, but i was determined so i listened to them and went easy,,, each step took me further up but not without a Constant shaking.

A jump landed my pretty frame on the newly tilled walk way and like some model i exercised on the runway to the embrace of my hot sauced rice. Call me a glutton that will be Fine.

Down with a bottle of chilled water i had to head back to my place of rest,,, ooopsss Princess and Theresa had varnished into the thin air,, so i was left to make the ladder walk down all by myself.

Successful it was and i lag back on my bed to reminisce on the past hour scenario,,,,should i be proud of myself for bravery or consider a Change of course?

Just Maybe Nature is calling me into another Ministry,, just Maybe. But until we find that out,, let me enjoy my ladder trip now playing in my head.

Take a step today,, even if it means climbing a shaking ladder.
#don't try this at Home.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

The grey angle

Hands dangling through her hair,, unable to get a grasp of a single Strand. The slit placing tiny funny unwanted lines on her little fingers and she began to Play with them like guitar strings.

She wanted to be able to admire all the beautiful colors, so she stood at the grey angle.

An angle devoid of the masses and their echos, An angle devoid of haste,
devoid of uncertainty, so she can feel her pulse and be in Control of her adrenaline.

She saw clearly through the Grey angle.
The Peace, the serenity and the soothing relief flushed through her face enhancing her view and making the stay worth while

She is the Grey Angle itself,, and the rest of the World is but a micro-colony.


Monday, 2 April 2018

The ash beneath the rainbow.

It was a quiet evening as the rattling was all mute and all i could hear was the buzzing of my phone awakening me to the reality of life itself.
Like every Other day, i peeped on my accounts to keep Up with friends and family and the World at large on the social angle.
I ordinarily won't spend much time on it cause my World had me in check and i wouldn't watch any part of my life Lagging behind, so my time table was always before me.

Unlike every Other day, the calls and messages wasn't same, but the message they all passed was same.
This makes me take multiple looks at the large mirror hanging on my wall.

I thought to myself,, just maybe i could take a chance,,just Maybe i could explore a different dimension,, just Maybe i could unlock some potentials and walk a New path,,,just Maybe i could breath Again.

These thoughts gave birth to a new journey,, a journey that wasn't without sleepless nights, discouragement, sacrifice, pains, uncertainty and many diverse setback.

On every outing my heart raced, uncertain of what my mouth will say, how my legs will walk, nor how broad my smile will be.

Nothing equate the Joy in my heart when i realized i was being free and being me. When i realized i wasn't  in a competition with anyone but was rather breaking a new ground. When i realized the definition of the World wasn't consequential. When i realized i had to prove no one right or wrong.

That was when my life began, that was when i read between the lines, that was when my head began to deserve a crown, that was when the Woman in me was born, that was when i became my own HERO.

The rainbow indeed never came without the ash,,, but instead i turned the ash into an eye-shadow and saw clearly through the rainbow.