Monday, 2 April 2018

The ash beneath the rainbow.

It was a quiet evening as the rattling was all mute and all i could hear was the buzzing of my phone awakening me to the reality of life itself.
Like every Other day, i peeped on my accounts to keep Up with friends and family and the World at large on the social angle.
I ordinarily won't spend much time on it cause my World had me in check and i wouldn't watch any part of my life Lagging behind, so my time table was always before me.

Unlike every Other day, the calls and messages wasn't same, but the message they all passed was same.
This makes me take multiple looks at the large mirror hanging on my wall.

I thought to myself,, just maybe i could take a chance,,just Maybe i could explore a different dimension,, just Maybe i could unlock some potentials and walk a New path,,,just Maybe i could breath Again.

These thoughts gave birth to a new journey,, a journey that wasn't without sleepless nights, discouragement, sacrifice, pains, uncertainty and many diverse setback.

On every outing my heart raced, uncertain of what my mouth will say, how my legs will walk, nor how broad my smile will be.

Nothing equate the Joy in my heart when i realized i was being free and being me. When i realized i wasn't  in a competition with anyone but was rather breaking a new ground. When i realized the definition of the World wasn't consequential. When i realized i had to prove no one right or wrong.

That was when my life began, that was when i read between the lines, that was when my head began to deserve a crown, that was when the Woman in me was born, that was when i became my own HERO.

The rainbow indeed never came without the ash,,, but instead i turned the ash into an eye-shadow and saw clearly through the rainbow.


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