Sunday, 15 April 2018

The blank flatter

I sat for hours listening to him talk, I laughed helplessly at all of his jokes and wished he never stopped.

I saw the sincerity in his eyes and heard the echo of truth in his voice without him knowing.

He took me down memory lane as well as told me novel things I knew nothing about. Yes! You can call him my Teacher.

He never got his gaze off me like he was seeing me for the first time and sadly his last.

Every stare brought me closer to him and I felt his misery, a misery he built up in his head.

I felt his hair through my skin as I lay to rest my head on his shoulders, a well deserving rest indeed.

Admiring his fine dentition like I don't have one. He swept me off my feet with every word he said.

I was helpless but very safe with him as he drove my fears away with a smile.

He was never the type of much words but with me he just let go and never holds back.

Some fairy tale you may call it, but this was reality staring me in the face like some Hollywood flick.

Now I fear I am strong enough to take care of his loving-big heart. I really want to reciprocate his kind gestures truly.

You may call this a BLANK FLATTER, but that will be up to me to give this a name.