Thursday, 5 April 2018

The grey angle

Hands dangling through her hair,, unable to get a grasp of a single Strand. The slit placing tiny funny unwanted lines on her little fingers and she began to Play with them like guitar strings.

She wanted to be able to admire all the beautiful colors, so she stood at the grey angle.

An angle devoid of the masses and their echos, An angle devoid of haste,
devoid of uncertainty, so she can feel her pulse and be in Control of her adrenaline.

She saw clearly through the Grey angle.
The Peace, the serenity and the soothing relief flushed through her face enhancing her view and making the stay worth while

She is the Grey Angle itself,, and the rest of the World is but a micro-colony.


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  1. Wow! such an amazing write-up. I was just envisaging this beauty described by the writer. More power to your elbow colleague.