Friday, 6 April 2018

The ladder trip

Princess and Tessy graciously held the ladder, one having a smaller frame and the Other a bigger frame, with complete opposite complexion as well,, you Could call them two sides of a human coin.

It was about 8pm and all i wanted to do was delve into my plate of rice and sauce awaiting me upstairs so i took the next option, #the ladder option.

The ladder is too fragile and not long enough,,,, this statement stared me in the face because it was the truth. But i wasn't Concerned about the truth for now but about a Way Up, so i shoved it all behind.

My dress was pretty short because i never bargained being shutout from using the newly tiled stairways that wasn't yet dry enough.

I stared at the ladder for a fast second and took the first step.
Easy easy easy,, they screamed,, but i was determined so i listened to them and went easy,,, each step took me further up but not without a Constant shaking.

A jump landed my pretty frame on the newly tilled walk way and like some model i exercised on the runway to the embrace of my hot sauced rice. Call me a glutton that will be Fine.

Down with a bottle of chilled water i had to head back to my place of rest,,, ooopsss Princess and Theresa had varnished into the thin air,, so i was left to make the ladder walk down all by myself.

Successful it was and i lag back on my bed to reminisce on the past hour scenario,,,,should i be proud of myself for bravery or consider a Change of course?

Just Maybe Nature is calling me into another Ministry,, just Maybe. But until we find that out,, let me enjoy my ladder trip now playing in my head.

Take a step today,, even if it means climbing a shaking ladder.
#don't try this at Home.

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  1. Very act of tactful creativity...I'm blessed through ur write-ups.