Thursday, 12 April 2018

The reflective image

Being in a mental asylum, all i had with me was my thoughts,the sunrise and the sunset.

Not trying to leave so much to their imagination so i bare it all Up.
My reflective shadow brought nearer by the warming sun was the only companion i had and i wasn't willing to squash the Union.

A Union i cherished so much, a companion that moved, talked, thought, and felt just like myself.

A companion i was never gonna have to explain my every step to,, not because i wouldn't willingly do that, but because this companion sits in my thoughts, shared my breath, and has its life intertwined with Mine.

This reflective image was my very shadow,,, the real me in its semi-numb state. 

The me in its still form. 

The real me in its sunographic form. 

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