Saturday, 5 May 2018

Thick skin, elastic heart.

Appearance differs from reality they say, but how different is the content to its container? Question of the mind though.

With an unending harsh environment that propelled me developing a tough skin,  and the heat it generates melts my heart so high that it change its original fleshy form.

As the heating progresses I realized I was gonna be left with no heart (death) and I didn't want that for myself,, so I decided to pick up what was left of the heating, and all I could make out of it was nothing but an elastic form.

All effort to get it to its original state proved abortive due to the severity of the heating.I tried,i tried,i really tried,,,but the elastic form was all there was.

The pasturization level was so high that the catalytic effect was an elastic heart in a thick skin. So now i am glued with them both.

My new skin and heart became so close to themselves that i began to feel like some total stranger to my own body.
A feeling i wasn't too cool with initially.

Blending in on them wasn't that easy,but like some fine wine, i love every taste of them now.

A drop of this fine wine gives a soothing relief and i don't miss the old life, i am embracing the new life and making love to it every single time.

I am the new version of the old me.

MODEL= Rosemond.

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