Saturday, 25 August 2018

Appreciating love

Love comes to all,happen to many but cherished by few. Let's learn to appreciate the people in our lives. Flowers mean nothing when they are gone.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Single State

Being single means you are single..Embrace the status and enjoy it while it last.
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The White papers

I was always in the s*x room,so never got to the board room. I knew the names of all the s*x toys and their functions but knew nothing about a file composition.

I never saw daylight,i got used to the darkroom, that I was missing out of the board room experience.

I never thought I was good enough for the boardroom so I made no effort to get close, making excuses for my inability to function there and chanting the praise of my s*x powress.

I was a porn at all times,adorning myself with all the appealing apparels I lay my hands on, just to look charming and irresistible, yet my head was as empty as a desert.

While they all crave for my bodily pleasure, vulnerability knew my name and I lived next door to submission.

I made up excuses for not stepping into the boardroom, I had no suitable outfit for it anyways.I was cuddled up in my ecstasy and fondled between my dirty world.

Who would have taught mW anything,who would have cleaned me up. I was indeed a piece of work, no one had the time.

Here I am standing in the middle of the boardroom,a room I dread so much, empty as my head spins,wondering what next to do.

Confusion set in,despair risesand fear grips me so hard,but here I stand,willing to try.

Willing to channel my powress into  positive direction and my energy for the right course.

I Am ready for the boardroom.

Are you???

Zero pitfalls

pitfalls doesn't mean your life is a mess.


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Being factual

Judgmental peeps

Monday, 20 August 2018

My purple soul

Felt so much pain that i doubt i still know what gain feels like, been through so much ache that my heartbeat is almost not felt no more.

So much sadness that i lost what happiness taste like, many failures that success begins to feel like some Wild goose chase.

Been lonely for too Long that i almost don't know what it is like to have a company, so much penniless that a  sight of a dime feels like Christmas to me.

So much anger that i strive so hard to wear a smile, the lines on my face are the reflection of the many scars in my heart .

Been out of school for far too long that I almost lost track of how to read nor write.

Oh no!!!!  How i bleed so bad that my blood pressure is been affected, pondering on the next possible thing but my mind is so shut.

Afraid of losing my head so i spin it endlessly as the sun hit my scalp. My purple soul felt every inch of it and so did i.

My purple soul found the light after all and came out of its shades.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Mr Tonight

They were wrong, so wrong about me, so wrong about my choice and how i deal with my emotions.

So wrong about my feelings, and how i will get past a seemingly ugly situation,so wrong about my actions and reactions.

So dead wrong about my strength, they allow my feeble look pass for my greatest strength.

They were aware of all what had happened, and thought the happenings is enough to break any rock.

So true, but that wasn't true of me, I had my shock absorbers on and get back up as fast as I hit the floor.

Maybe, just maybe, one more try won't be a bad idea after all, "I thought to myself " so I lunched out.

To their dismay, I wasn't in the look-out for what they thought I should be on the lookout for. It was about the present I thought.

Let the future take care of itself, I wanted a happy present, devoid of expectations and high hopes.

A present of peace, love, calmness and laughter. I wanted some sound sleep and I needed it now.

I got it after all, and YES!  The future got itself sorted out too.


Saturday, 4 August 2018

The colour of my blood

It wasn't the colour of their Skin tone that matters, nor the silk nature of their hair, i was never interested in their race, religion or tribe,always afraid of height so that meant nothing to me anyways.

They came in different  shapes, colours and sizes, so i learnt to learn about new adaptations every hour. Studying them like some Cambridge scholarship exams i never get to write anyways.

I read their statements but never understood the last sentence ever, so i lost the message halfway through,, perhaps because they never spelt the words correctly,but i read them anyways.

Vulnerability was not my thing so i remained guarded at all times. They tell me to activate my shock absorbers but i didn't need to. I was already absorbed in shock.

No one knew my name, they were not Patient for the Story, so i tell them to myself instead. I became my friend when i didn't know the enemies.

Their hurt cuts so deep and i bleed out in pain,endlessly fighting the urge to fight back, and when i finally decide to, i realize the real colour of my blood.

It wasn't red after all. It was White, transparent, pure and crystal. It was my real Identity.