Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Mr Tonight

They were wrong, so wrong about me, so wrong about my choice and how i deal with my emotions.

So wrong about my feelings, and how i will get past a seemingly ugly situation,so wrong about my actions and reactions.

So dead wrong about my strength, they allow my feeble look pass for my greatest strength.

They were aware of all what had happened, and thought the happenings is enough to break any rock.

So true, but that wasn't true of me, I had my shock absorbers on and get back up as fast as I hit the floor.

Maybe, just maybe, one more try won't be a bad idea after all, "I thought to myself " so I lunched out.

To their dismay, I wasn't in the look-out for what they thought I should be on the lookout for. It was about the present I thought.

Let the future take care of itself, I wanted a happy present, devoid of expectations and high hopes.

A present of peace, love, calmness and laughter. I wanted some sound sleep and I needed it now.

I got it after all, and YES!  The future got itself sorted out too.


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