Monday, 20 August 2018

My purple soul

Felt so much pain that i doubt i still know what gain feels like, been through so much ache that my heartbeat is almost not felt no more.

So much sadness that i lost what happiness taste like, many failures that success begins to feel like some Wild goose chase.

Been lonely for too Long that i almost don't know what it is like to have a company, so much penniless that a  sight of a dime feels like Christmas to me.

So much anger that i strive so hard to wear a smile, the lines on my face are the reflection of the many scars in my heart .

Been out of school for far too long that I almost lost track of how to read nor write.

Oh no!!!!  How i bleed so bad that my blood pressure is been affected, pondering on the next possible thing but my mind is so shut.

Afraid of losing my head so i spin it endlessly as the sun hit my scalp. My purple soul felt every inch of it and so did i.

My purple soul found the light after all and came out of its shades.

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  1. Grace!
    The experience of many. Tell us about how you found the light. Perfect Peace!