Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The White papers

I was always in the s*x room,so never got to the board room. I knew the names of all the s*x toys and their functions but knew nothing about a file composition.

I never saw daylight,i got used to the darkroom, that I was missing out of the board room experience.

I never thought I was good enough for the boardroom so I made no effort to get close, making excuses for my inability to function there and chanting the praise of my s*x powress.

I was a porn at all times,adorning myself with all the appealing apparels I lay my hands on, just to look charming and irresistible, yet my head was as empty as a desert.

While they all crave for my bodily pleasure, vulnerability knew my name and I lived next door to submission.

I made up excuses for not stepping into the boardroom, I had no suitable outfit for it anyways.I was cuddled up in my ecstasy and fondled between my dirty world.

Who would have taught mW anything,who would have cleaned me up. I was indeed a piece of work, no one had the time.

Here I am standing in the middle of the boardroom,a room I dread so much, empty as my head spins,wondering what next to do.

Confusion set in,despair risesand fear grips me so hard,but here I stand,willing to try.

Willing to channel my powress into  positive direction and my energy for the right course.

I Am ready for the boardroom.

Are you???

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